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Monday, January 9, 2012

Page Choro has been pretty sick

Hello Everyone!! I have had a very good week this week...well kind of. :o) So do you remember when last week I said I was on the tail end of that sickness? Yeah, it picked up again and lasted me up till...well...I havent quite shaken it off yet. Last week Sister Rasmussen ordered me to stay in the Apartment and rest but lets just say that was BRUTAL!! Sitting in the apartment is so boring. So the next day we just started working again. hahaha Sister Rasmussen said that I was stubborn but she said she knew I wouldnt stay inside. She is awesome and just like a Mom to me so you dont have to worry Mamma! Abby is just getting so grown up it is crazy!! Great to hear about Grandma Lucy's work getting done, but on the other hand, not excited to hear about Grandma Peggy. I will put prayer up for her. :o) Things here are going really really well though! Despite the cold and the rain and snow we are seeing a ton of Miracles! We have a really solid group of 8 or 9 investigators and two came to church on Sunday which is one quick way to a smile on my face! We are going to try and make some baptismal dates in the next week or so. I cut Elder Sanders hair and he cut mine last week. :oD Everybody was way surprised because our hair looks pretty good! I will get some pictures to you on a memory card as soon as I finish a tape. Elder Sanders is singing for the tape right now as I write this. :O) Dad would be proud to hear that I played a little basketball today on PDay. I have actually had a lot of opportunities to play basketball on my mission, while the soccer chances have been rare. I have improved a lot so Dad better be careful! hahaha I guess I better be careful if he gets a hip replacement! :oD I am struggling this week with interesting things to write. I got a package from Marissa with a tape and pictures and stuff so I was pretty dang happy. Have you seen her new hair yet? Whew!!!! She is so beautiful whew!!!! Anyways, I also got a little package from Jordan which was funny, it had a hat in it that the Japanese people laugh at. :oD He sounds like he is doing great with his new companion. Well, the week really wasnt that exciting, but I did have a lot of wonderful experiences. One was with a new investigator named Akira. We taught him lesson one and he really had a great experience. He said a prayer at the end and he said in the prayer how he didnt understand that much of the doctrine, but that there was just something about what he heard that felt like coming home. It was an amazing experience and it was a testimony to me that everyone on earth has heard this before. This message is truth before this world and now and I am so priviliged to be able to share it with people full time for these two years. This work is God's work and this church is his church. I know it. I love you all! Have a wonderful week everybody!! Love always, Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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