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WhErE tHe PaGeS oF tHiS bOoK nEvEr EnD

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

It's Friday the 13th!!! Some of you proabably look at this day to stay in,yikes, its bad luck! Not me! I have even had horrible things happen on Friday the 13th. I remember specifically, it was my junior year of high school, I was out with friends. We were in the parking lot talking getting ready to get into our cars to head home. As I was getting into my car, the friend I was with, still talking to someone, close the door on my face as I was getting in, chipping the 2 front teeth in my mouth. But! I love the number 13 and I don't mind it being on a friday either! My first date with Steve was on the 13th, we married on the 13th, it became our kids favorite number as well. So I always look forward to a date on "Friday the 13th". You make your own luck and you find the positive in any situation or event right, so go ahead, go outdoors, have that night out. It will be ok.

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