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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Adventures of Page Choro

Hello Everybody!!! So we had the transfer announcement today. I have known since Friday though about my fate because Elder Lay spent about 4 days with me last week. So the big surprising news is that............I am not transfering!!!! :o) I was super excited and super shocked to be honest. Lay Choro said that about 80% of the Mission thought that I was going to be moved back towards Sendai, but it is not so! I am super excited because I really love this area and the members and my companion and so I am stoked to have that a little longer. But, things last week were super busy and I am super duper exhausted. I felt like a Zone Leader again last week. So in last weeks email I only told you about 1 of the assignemts from president, but it turns out the second one came out last week too and I was super busy. The other assignment was a refferal pick-up in a different city. The person who refered the name knows me from my old area and they told President that they wanted me to go and contact the referal so I had to travel to a city about 2 hours away to pick up the referal. That wasnt even the craziest part though. It was in a city called Joetsu and it has the worst weather in the whole mission probably. We went there right before a 4 day long blizzard. There was snow up to my chest. Riding bikes was impossible and so we had to walk 3 hours to the referals house and three hours back, all through about 3-4 feet of snow. Then when we tried to go home the next day our train was delayed, and then cancelled, so we had to take a train that was running to another city 2 hours away, and then from that city try and get home. We finally made it but all in all it took us about 6 hours to get home. The next day we had a leadership training meeting which lasted about 7 hours and took up most of that day. The next day we had a blizzard here and couldnt use the bikes and so we were on foot again all day. Then came the Sado Island assignemnt with Elder Lay. That was truly a great time. It was so good to be with Elder Lay again, he is probably my best friend I have made on the mission so far and we had a great time. We had to get up at 4:15 in the morning and got on the boat for a three hour ride to the island. The boat was pretty nice and big and had an interior and stuff, but the wind and waves were very big and very strong. It was pretty fun. When we got there it was a 45 minute bus ride to the church on the other side of the island. Church was 6 people and the speakers were Lay Choro and I. It was just like a little family inside of a little shack for church. I have pictures that I will send soon, but it was a super awesome experience. Then after that it was an hour drive to the very northern tip of the island where the Branch President lives. The roads where convered in snow and ice and the highway ran along the edges of mountains and cliffs the whole way. We got to meet the less active son and we hit it off. He is such a great kid and the time we got to spend with that family was a precious experience. It is hard for those members out there. They are all alone and just do all they can to follow Jesus Christ, their Savior. After we visited the family it was another hour drive back to the boat and they the boat ride back. In all our day lasted from 4:15 and we got back at 10:30 last night. I am pretty worn out. It really was an adventure of a week and I learned so much about perserverance, faith, and the value of our lives. I know it is a curveball pulling back to this, but I am glad that you liked the pictures and videos. I am glad that I look happy because I really am. I feel super old now as a missionary. Everybody just comes out and tells me I am on the downslope now and trust me, I can feel how slippery the slide is. It is so fast. I had the intention of writing letters to Jordan, Dad, and Dalling today for their birthdays but I just dont have any time!!! We had an appointment with a member today and it took a long time. I am super super sorry and It is really pathetic but I wanted you guys to know that I am thinking about you always. I think about Jordan and how we a literally brothers. (I always think of you in your Suspenders!!) Dallin, everybody always says when they look at my pictures that you and I look the most alike, so I am always reminded of Mister Best Looking back home! Dad, do I even need to say anything? $$$$$$$ Thats all I've got. I love you three so so much and you truly are three of the most important people in my life! Happy happy Birthday!! I will pray for Grandma. Tell her that I love her for me Mom. This weeks email is super long and super adventurous so I hope you like it. I guess at the end of such a crazy week the thing that I have felt in my heart more than anything else is this: 2 Nephi 29:7. The Lord remembers all of his people. That is something that I truly have learned through my own eyes and experience. God Lives. He is our Father and he watches over us always. Jesus is the Christ and I cant give any better reason than that I feel it in my heart. Have a wonderful week everybody!! I love you so much Mom!!! Love always, Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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