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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things are going well with Elder Page

Hello Everybody!!!
So today I dont have a lot of time to email. We have service up in Sendai tomorrow and so we have to hope on a 5 hour bus in the next little bit here. I will try to get in all that I can though. Things are going really really great!!! I love being a trainer! His name is Elder Sanders and he is from Spokane Washington. He is really tall and 22 years old and just a way studly looking guy. He has a pretty long story but he is a convert to the church of about two years ago! He has a strong testimony and a great desire to serve the Lord. He is still learning a lot but is making way fast progress. It is kind of funny to think that that was me just 8 months ago! It always brings me a smile to think about how terrible I must have been at Japanese. :o) The language is hard for him but I make sure that it doesnt get him down too much. He really is a great guy and I am so happy to be companions with someone so willing to work. The work is hard right now because we just white-washed in with nothing really to work with. But, there is a good feel about it and things will pick up pretty quick I think. The branch here is about 50 people so it is pretty big comparitively. I was asked to bless the sacrament yesterday which was, surprisingly enough, the first time I have blessed the Sacrament in Japanese. It was a pretty cool experience as I felt the power of that Sacrament prayer in another language. It just brought chills to my spine. :o) Something else interesting that happend this week was that I ripped my pants a little bit!! Mama, you would have been so proud of me because I whipped out the sewing kit for the first time on my mission!! I am pretty sure I messed up somewhere but the whole is fixed and my pants are holding together!!! :o) Speaking of pants, that is something I wouldnt mind for christmas. another pair of black slacks would be nice. Just like the calvin cline ones you got me before. They are just more fitting and less bagy and I have definitely come to like that way more. I have lost some weight recently so hopefully as it gets colder, and therefore the covers get harder to throw off, I can keep up the excersize. Oh Marissa...its a little tough not getting anything from her Mom. I just have no idea what is going on in her life and stuff so it just makes me sigh sometimes. Mom, make sure she is making time to have fun and date people please. I just dont want her to regret anything. Congrats to Tory on the Eagle; of course Abigal looks beautiful, its abby; great to hear grandma is out of the hospital and I am glad my letter made her laugh. Things are going good Mom. I am good. I am a little scared at how fast this is all going. I am going to hit a year in 2 seconds. I have fallen in love with this county and this work and the members. Leaving my last area a couple members came to see me off at the bus stop and they all started crying. Whew, tough sometimes. Well, thats all the time I have for today. I love you to death Mama. I have a dream about just cuddling up by the fire talking to you last night. We were laughing about Dad. haha Tell everybody i said hey and that I love them and that I think of them often. I really am starting to believe I will be home before I know it. Its way fast. I love you Mom, talk to you next week!!
Love your Son,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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