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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Elder Zachary Page just trucking along...

Hello Everybody!
Once again it sounds like you guys had a pretty busy week! People giving talks, Dad doing his thing and punching everybody with the spirit, Missionaries doing good, engagements ending and more missionaries going, Halloween, Portugese, and openhouses!!! Geez I feel bad when I write because I feel like I have nothing interesting to say!!
Typical Marissa to just be dang amazing and do something like send you cookies right? :oD
By the way, I got your package!! Thank you so much!! I have been giving a lot of the Warheads away for three reasons, one is because I am trying to get back into pre-mission shape, two I am trying to be more charitable in all that I do, and three, Japanese people have no idea what hits them when they pop a Warhead in their mouth!!! It is pretty funny...probably a thing you have to see to think is funny I guess. :)
But yes, Yesterday I decided that I am pathetically out of shape. So a lady in my Ward, her name is Sister Yoshida. She is a about a 38 year old single woman that loves to try and flirt with the American missionaries. Yesterday at church she taught me a knew word she learned in English..."six-pack." Then she asked me if I had one...I was so ashamed at my former abs, now mission-baby, that I decided right then that I am getting back into shape.
That was super cool to hear about Dad teaching in Portugese. I hope that I can do that when I get back. I have been falling in love with this language. It is kind of a cool feeling to be pretty much fluent in another language. :o) I am definitely think I want to use Japanese in my Job one day.
I am thinking and praying for Grandma. Tell her I love her for me mom and that I am thinking of her.
So other than a firm conviction about excersize, I am just trucking along. Had another busy week last week I travelded out of my area three times this week so it was more than enough to keep me busy. Something kind of interesting is this Japanese band called Bless4 came and did a fireside here yesterday. They are 4 siblings and they sing in English and Japanese. I actually way like them. You should look them up on Itunes and see if you can find any of there stuff. We got to talk to them and stuff because they are my age. That was pretty cool. Things are about the same as they have been all transfer, but I recieved a ton of strength and support this past week. I could feel my Savior stronger than ever. Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts. They do help, I can promise you that. I wish we were teaching some people who were progressing, but it is a little hard right now and we don't have any investigators. We are working hard to find someone though and it will pick up soon I think. There is one funny story...I guess it is kind of funny. Well, it isn't very funny but it is a story. So because my Japanese is pretty dec, everywhere I go I get assigned to translate. On sunday, there were three Americans that aren't members at church. They had come to volunteer and so a member came up to me, gave me a squashed Baby Ruth bar and asked me to translate for them. One of the talks started talking about what he was learning in his physics class...it was fun. By the end of that sacrament meeting I was more tired then when I walked in. hahahaha :o) I love this work. The more I am working and the longer I am here, the more I fall in love with the badge.
Still trying to figure out why the Lord had to assign me all over the world before getting me here, but I am doing my best to serve him. This gospel is true. I know it. We can't do much on our own, but with Father and our Brother Jesus Christ by our sides, our burden is made light. If we come unto him, he will take our burden and his yoke is easy. I love you all so much. Next week is transfers so I will be emailing a different day I think. I might transfer. I have been in Kamisugi since May. I love it here and dont want to leave, but if I get transfered I think I will be ok with a new comp and new area and less travel. :o) Have a great week!!!
Love always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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