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Monday, November 21, 2011

It's getting cold in Nigata

Hello Mama,
I am not sure what it was but I really enjoyed todays email. There is just so much going on back home that is exciting!! Thanks for letting me know about my name being Matt. Just so you and Dad know, I took out probably about $150 for now to do some Christmas shopping from my personal funds. Just a heads up on the bank account!! :) I will look for a navity for you Mom. I dont know if I can promise one but I will do my best. I know Abby is stressing but she is just the greatest Mom, is there really a chance that she wont get in? Just have her send a picture with the application and if the guy that reads her application is a guy she will get in for sure. Gosh my little sister is too pretty for her own good. Great to hear about Grandma doing better. I am glad to hear what you had to say about dating when I get home. It is reassuring to have your Mothers support. It just feels right if Mom says its right. :)
Wow, the Guffys. It has been a long time. I had to think a little bit the remember who they were. But, dont worry, I remembered. Luke is headed to Utah, sweet. I thought he would have gone already. I heard about Katie Nanto, that is sweet, heading to Washington.
Just a couple of things. I know you are almost done with my package, but if you had some more room in there, I thought today that Some nice maple brown sugar oatmeal would be nice. Dont really have that here. Also, some Christmas music like Josh Groban Christmas or Motab is alright to listen to. Also Mom, if you can email me how you make your homemade pizza. Everybody wants me to make American pizza but you know me, I don:t know how!!! ;)
Something cool that happend this week was that I got a letter from Sapporo. A woman named Yuzuka, I am sure I mentioned her in one of my first emails back in May or April, I taught her a lot in Sapporo. Well, I got a letter this week telling me that she had FINALLY gotten baptised!! I was so shocked but so excited because we had worked so hard with her! So that was a great experience.
My son is great! He is just growing up so fast! hahaha Elder Sanders really is the greatest. He makes me laugh all the time and just works really hard. The work still really hasnt taken off yet, still kind of hitting nothing but the pavement everyday, but it will get better. I like life as a trainer way better than Zone Leader! I am not nearly as busy! All I have to worry about is my son and my area! I love it!! Also, Elder Sanders cut my hair for me today and it looks pretty good! The weather here is way terrible. It rains almost every day and it is so so so cold. Niigata is know for its winters, the worst winters in Japan. Awesome huh. Everyday rain and sleet and just pure joy!! It will make for a fun winter. Well, I dont have a lot of time left, but I want to end with my testimony. I had an experience this week with Elder Sanders that made me think. Several years ago Elder Anderson gave a talk called "You Know Enough" or something like that. I dont even remember it that well, but this week Elder Sanders said something that made me think about the title. He was having a hard day and he said that he didnt really know a lot about the Gospel because he is a convert. All I said to him was "Dont worry, you know enough. I promise you know enough." Sometimes we may not know all the answers in life. Sometimes things will happen that make you unsure if you can. But what I have learned is that if you have a testimony in your heart of the Savior Jesus Christs Atonement, you know enough. Our faith in Christ is enough for us to do anything. Having crazy Dad like scripture knowledge is important and to learn is vital, but If you feel the truth in your heart, it is enough. Hold to that truth in your heart when the winds blow and it will be enough.
I love you Mom, and I love you all. Have a wonderful week!!! From your Son who is gradually becoming odd because of Japanese culture,
much love,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page :o)

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