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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another day of service

Hello everyone! As usual it sounds like things are just a going along back home. I will just go ahead and throw this out there at the beginning, the idea of Abby dating an RM is just what you would say in Japanese as "kimochi warui." I can't even believe my little sister is so grown up!! Thanksgiving sounds like it was great. We didn't do anything for Thanksgiving, we just worked through the day and I only remembered it because of this email!! Dallin and Jaclyn hit a one year mark, that is just crazy fast. Christmas tree...that one might be hard Mom, I don't know where I could find one! I looked for your Nativity scene and asked tons of people but I don't think they even have a normal Nativity scene in this country. I am trying to get stuff for christmas but there is just no time! We have to go up to Sendai again this week so my email will be short because we have to catch a 5 hour bus! Way funny story about the runway at Carolina Mall. You and Zach are right, I am pretty sure that I would have walked down it. ;) Things here are going pretty good. The work picked up just a tiny tiny bit this week. We didn't really, well, we are still just rocking the pavement searching all the time and it is pretty tiring, but we saw a lot of small miracles that just keep us knowing that something will happen. I am sitting here right now and just trying to think of something interesting to write. We worked really hard this week but it was all just pretty much the same old, well, you know, just doing the work. It hailed this week. I will tell you what, riding a bike in the freezing cold with hail falling is not safe or fun. I am way way excited to see a picture of Marissa's hair! I always always told her that she looked so beautiful in her senior photo where her hair was shorter! I can 110% guraentee that she just looks phenominal!!! whew, it has been a really fast 2 months, but it has felt like forever since I have gotten a letter from her! Well, this email might be my shortest one yet and I am so sorry, but I have to go! I will give you guys a good one next week! I love you all. This gospel is true. I can promise that. I love you Mama, this past week in Sunday school I was asked what is the greatest comfort in the world to me and I said my Mama's hugs. :o) I love you!! Talk to you next week! Love always, Elder Page

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