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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Abigail

I thought I would do a little spot light on Abby today. I have watched her over the last few weeks, do nothing but homework, and realized that she has missed out on some really great family time because of it. Abby is a great student of learning. She really does enjoy school, but some days I am very tempted to tell her to put down the books andgo have some fun. I have to admit I will be very happy when this semester of school is over for her, having two englishes classes is about to do her in. She will be graduating this year, another senior. We are going to miss having her around next summer, but I know, if she gets into BYU she will be living her dream,and that makes me very happy. I am going to miss my girl. I really don't think that I can prepare myself for that day, just saying! I may just have to make a few trips to Utah next year to see her and Matt. I am so glad that her big brother will be out there with her to show her the ropes. I love you Abigail and I am so proud of the young woman that you are becoming.

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