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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Elder Z Page

I hate that I have no pictures to put up. I told him I wanted pictures!!
Hello Everyone!
Glad to hear that you guys had another wonderful week! That is pretty crazy that they did the Alumni game in the gym, that must have been way different. I will write Ben. I will just make time.
Great to hear you had a great day with Michael at the Temple. It is really great to hear about everybody coming out into the service of Heavenly Father. This work truly does change other peoples lives and shapes us into the people Heavenly Father wants us to be. I am so excited for Michael to serve in Oregon and Ben to serve in Las Vegas. I have no doubt they will do great work there!
Not going to lie, one of my favorite things to read in an email is that you guys have skyped with my Marissa. :) I agree that she is a keeper. But, you know Mom, you always told us that you would know we loved a girl when we found one just like you. (****NOTE FROM ME I DON"T RECALL EVER TELLING MY BOYS THAT! JUST SAYING!!) And well, I love my Mamma so much I found a girl like her. :oD
I will get to a letter Mom, and some pictures will come your way soon. I am sorry that I haven't been doing very good! I will get to that.
Crazy to think that Elder Perkins is married! I remember a couple weeks before I left I went to Statesville for transfers and I met him and his family and now he is married!
I am so proud to hear about Tory! He is going to have such a great year playing! I always really liked Phil so I am excited for him to have a great season. I am afraid by the time I get home and we all play in that Alumni game I will have lost my touch. I haven't played soccer since Sapporo! I really hate not being able to play, and I am scared I am just going to lose it by the time I get home.
You asked how my language is going? I honestly don't really know how to answer that question. It is hard to gage it. I can get along by myself almost entirely now. I dont have to think to much when I speak anymore. Still obviously a lot of vocab I am not familiar with, but i don't have any trouble anymore. I guess we will just have to find out at Christmas, have Sister Mitchell there when I call and we can talk for you!! :)
The work is still going pretty good. We have hit another bump in the road. Neither of our baptisms this week are going to happen. Takeshi was doing wonderful and set to be baptised, but the day of his baptismal interview Satan hit him with a hard temptation and now he has to wait a little longer to get ready to be baptized. It is a bump, but he is still working hard to get baptized on 8/20. Please pray for him, he is having some trouble with smoking. We have been doing a lot of different things and working hard these past couple weeks.
I have been spending all day today puting all the pieces for Marissa's birthday package together. Hopefully she likes it!
It has been SOO hot here this week so everyday is dying in 100% humidity and heat! Makes me excited for the winter!
I was laughing the other day because it is pretty hard sometimes to do things in English! I pictured me coming home and having some serious issues during my homecoming talk trying to speak in English! This coming week is going to be pretty busy. Lay Choro and I have to spend a day at the Mission Home for ZL Council, and then we have service again this week, and before I know it it will be P-Day again! Weeks are starting to breeze by and I can feel things pick up and up. I can hardly believe I will be on my 4th transfer in a week and a half!! There are only 16 transfers! I am trying to think of things to say but I don't really know what to report! I remember all those times Dallin and Matt would write and not say much and now I understand! Every day we are finding and teaching people...and...well that is a mission!! :oD How is Jordan doing? That is something I have been thinking about a ton, I want to hear about how he is doing. Please let me know!
Well, I guess that is it for this week, I will finish by bearing my testimony. Ether 12:27-28 talks about we have weaknesses to make us humble and to bring us unto the Savior. I want to testify that in our weakness, we can find true strength is our Savior. A mission is something that you just absolutely can't do on your own. On a mission the Lord teaches us to come unto him in humility so that he can show us miracles. Those miracles aren't just ones we can see, he will cause miracles of change within us, the power to change our natures. This is God's true gospel. I know it with all of my heart. If we follow faithfully and humbly, we will never be lead to roads we cannot walk, bridges we cannot cross, or mountains we cannot climb. The path of a disciple of Jesus Christ is a path that is narrow and long, but the only path that will take you to eternal happiness with our Father in Heaven. I testify that it is a path worth taking. I love you all so much!! I hope you are all doing well and have joy in every day of your lives! Until next week, I love you!!
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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