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Friday, August 26, 2011

Hello Everybody!!!!
I am so sorry! Today will not be a very long email at all because i dont have a lot of time!!!! Today and these past couple days were way super busy! I am glad that you enjoyed getting all of the pictures!! I didn't write anything down for this one, but I send Marissa a tape and on the tape I explained the pictures! If you want to know what they mean, just get on skype with her and you guys can go through it on the tape! I am sorry, last week before I sent her her package I was scrambling and I didn't have time to write them all! yes, my hair was very appauling, but it has recovered. I have had a couple of funny/sketchy experiences with aisian girls but for the most part I am alright. :) I will remember Abby in my prayers,but I doubt she has anything to worry about. :oD AAHHH! Thanks for sending me a package, but if it isn't to much of a headache, I need a couple of things, well pictures of me. We have this new type of missionary activity we are doing and I need pictures of me as a young kid/soccer/junior marshall/etc. I am sorry for it being a pain, I just need them for this thing we are doing. We are really trying to change the missionary we do a little bit here. We are trying to do it through "referals" we have been doing a lot of activities and stuff like that with a lot of members and nonmembers there. That way, we can have and be teaching people with strong relationships with members. It is pretty tiring because right now the missionaries are planning everything! Hopefully we can pass it off to the ward in time. The baptism was great! I got him down and baptised in one try!!! Better than I can say for Zach!! hahaha :oD It was a great experience for everybody that came, especially his sister! We are still teaching her and she is our best prospect for a baptism soon. I wish that I could reply to everything better, but I have no time! Great to hear about Matt coming home, I am so excited for you guys! Dallin switching his major, I like it! I got the letter with Jordan's email, great to hear about him but it is too bad about his finger! Typical Jordan, District Leader. :oD He is going to do great, no doubt. Brian too! Ahh!!! Everybody is going! I wrote Ben a letter today so I will get that off tomorrow! Mom, I have no idea about anything for christmas or birthday! Absoulutely no clue! Just something that makes me think of the most important people in my life, so anyhting is great! These past couple of days have been really really busy and some ups and downs. We had a great baptism, but we also had several investigators tell us that they can't meet with us anymore. One told me, we got really close, that he would be my friend forever, but that he couldnt meet with us. It has been pretty crazy. Things with Elder Lay and I as Zone Leader are pretty busy too. We have a big Zone Conference with the Area Seventy, Elder Aoyagi, coming. We are also going to be traveling all over the mission every week for the next 6 weeks spliting with missionaries! Keep me us in your prayers so I don't just fall over in the middle of walking!! :oD Hahaha I am doing great though! I am happy and the work is great! i will send pictures of the baptism probably next week! I love you guys so so so so so so so so so much!!!! Give Marissa my Love as always and know that I always think of you and am praying for you. This gospel is true. I know that God is with his missionaries. I guarentee that this work is not possible to a normal human. The Lord Sustains his servants in his work. I love this gospel. It is true happiness and joy. Have a wonderful Week everybody!!!!!
Love Always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page!!!

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