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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Elder Page has 56 days left!

Dear Family,
Thank you so much for the letters this week. Thanks for the post card from the beach too. I think you sent the same one last year too :)
I loved seeing pictures and hearing about the beach. I can't wait for the pictures and tape from it. Those are my favorite!
I'm glad to hear that TOry is doing well with soccer. I can't wait to be able to play in the alumni game too! I have not gotten to play hardly at all out here :( Everyone wants to play basketball...lame!(no offense Dad)
SO to answer some questions. with the running shoes, I could just try to find some out here if that would be easier. I am 8.5 though if you want to send me some. I'm ok to wait too. My shoes are a little worn and hurt my feet alittle. I've been running alot!:) I've been trying to keep my waist size down.
I also was wondering if you could send more differin. This is the last one from my mission.
Mckenna told me about how she will probably be staying home in the fall for her surgery. I guess I will carry her around.:) I told her that I will miss her cute little feet, but I'm sure her new feet will be cute too!
With a roommate out @ BYU I don't think E. Kindsey will be going to BYU.:( I'm not picky with roommates. I would like to live somewhere relatively close to Mckenna while I'm there. That will be nice after 5 years :) Again I'm not very picky after living w/companions I've learned to be able to get along w/ most people. (As long as they are somewhat clean)
So things here are doing good. Tis past week we were able to go to the temple. IT was a great experience to go. This was probably my last time.:( Ican't wait to be able to go more often when I'm home. There is so much peace in the temple.
We have two investigators getting baptised on the 13th! It will be so great. Their names are Josh & Ellie. Both super great & super prepared. It will be a double special day with it being you and Dad's Anniversary. :) Know I will be thinking about you both. Thank you for your love & Selflessness you show as an example to me in your marriage :) I hope to be able to be like you both and have the same joy & blessings in my own marriage. I hope you both have a great day!
I got your package!!! I love it! Thank you I'm going to have to work off all the cookies and bread! I love the tape and pictures. It was so good to hear all of you. I have got to send this letter off. I will update you all next week
Love you all!!! Things are getting really busy with school getting ready to start.
Love you all
Love Matt

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