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Monday, April 25, 2016

End of the line...

So, as anticipated my time here in Woodruff is up. I will be leaving tomorrow morning, headed to the Long Beach 1st ward, so... back to the stake that I just came from. They meet in the same building as the LB 4th ward, so I'll be seeing a lot of familiar faces. I am Truly A Long Beach Missionary. My new area will cover most of Downtown Long Beach, 1/2 Ghetto half High rises. So I'll get a little bit of everything. My new companion is Elder Piorrier (Spelling?) (PuaHea) <--- Pronunciation. He is from Canada, speaks french and has been out for about 2 months. I'm really excited to get to know him better, to learn from him and to work together.

I am Sad to say the least, about leaving the Woodruff ward. This area and ward has become home to me. The members truly have just taken us in and treated us like their own. We have served them and they have served us. Its been good. I have had spiritual experiences here that I wouldn't trade for anything. The memories I've made with investigators, members and companions have been priceless! I have come to know the Lord better here And myself and how I can better help those that I've been asked to help and love.

Elder Phunsaeng is pretty sad I'm leaving but his new companion is Elder Brown (who came out with me) They will get along great! I'm really excited for things to come. A little nervous. Its funny how now matter how long you've been out, transfers are always hard, I guess in this case 9 months makes things even harder. The Lord Loves me enough to send me elsewhere to further learn and grow and stretch myself.

Tonight We'll be having dinner with Daleen, and a couple of other families from the ward. Saving the best for last. I'll finish up by saying this, I bore my testimony the other week basically thanking the ward and saying bye to everyone. I said that this area has become a sacred place for me because its where I have sacrificed time and energy for the Lord, and so I will be sure to come back one day. I told them I loved them and sat down. It hasn't really hit me yet that I'm leaving, even after all the goodbyes, maybe tomorrow morning it will set in.

I Love You guys! I've got to head out, but I cant wait to update y'all next week on more good news. Until Then, Live, Laugh, and all that good stuff. Goodbye!

Love, Elder page

P.S. Elder Phunsaeng and I stumbled across a buddhist prayer group this past week and so we said, hey what the heck lets join em. So we did. They gladly excepted us and we took part in some really good discussion about faith and how to serve others. My knowledge of their beliefs grew and testimony of my own beliefs strengthened. It was a cool experience. They tried to get us to chant with them, but we politely declined. haha, it took Elder Phunsaeng back to his old ways, he just laughed the whole meeting. After we had refreshments and people came up to us and asked a lot of good questions and we even were able to help a woman get excited about doing family history. We took pictures with them so I'll send them next week :)

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