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Monday, April 11, 2016

Taking care of each other...

So this week was a wild one, up and down it went. The first few days were on point but from somewhere outta the blue I got sick. From Thursday to Saturday we were in sick, quarantined within the walls of our living quarters. I was sick all Thursday, then Elder Phunsaeng caught whatever it was that I had so Friday we were both bedridden, then Saturday came around and I was feeling better but Elder Phunsaeng was feeling off. Luckily by Sunday morning we both felt well enough to go to church and the rest of our Sabbath went well! I Love that even amongst all of this sickness and affliction though I can honestly look back on the week and say it was a good one. Let me expound on that.

So earlier this week, we were able to meet with Michael the non member husband of the less active member we met with a couple of weeks ago, and it was only him and their two daughter home, but he gladly welcomed us in. It ended up being perfect that it was only him there because it really gave us a chance to get to know him better and get a better feel for his spiritual location. We had left Alma 32 with them to read together last time, he didn't get a chance to read it but he said his wife did. So, we opened up our scriptures and read with him from the chapter. After reading a section from the chapter we asked him what seemed to stand out to him the most. And he thought for a minute then said, "the part where it talked about having a desire to believe and letting this desire work within you." He said, "I feel like I have a desire to know more and to be closer to God, I just need help doing more to get there." And so it was the perfect time to help him see that's why we were there, is to help him and his family grow closer to Heavenly Father and each other. So he was down with it so we invited him to when his wife got back home to read over the chapter again with her and share insights he received while reading and to have a family prayer. He seemed on board with it all and excited to do it, so we are looking forward to seeing how it went next time we meet.

Also, another highlight of the week was when I was feeling sick as a dog I asked Elder Phunsaeng for a blessing and so he gave one to me in thai. It was a very powerful spiritual experience. Although I understood nothing of what he said, I felt that he truly had the authority to give such a blessing and that as long as I had faith to get better I would. We went to bed, and the next morning, I woke up not feeling anything I had felt the night before, I had literally been healed of my sickness overnight. It was pretty cool. I haven't always been the best at asking for blessings when I need them, but I'm glad for times like this where my faith is strengthened because of a blessing I did receive.

Its been a great week everyone! Its been fun taking care of my sick companion and being taken care of. Times are good. Until next week, Be Safe, Smile, and Always thank the Lord!

Love, Elder Page

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