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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

He is Risen...


So This past week went by really fast. We were very busy and so I'm gonna try and do my best to recount all of the good things that happened. The weeks really are starting to feel like days.

I also really tired right now from sports with the Zone. I'm not all here mentally, but I pray that the spirit will guide my fingers as I type the words that come to my mind. Earlier this week we experience quite the miracle, there's this part member family that I personally have been trying to get a hold of for the past 8 months but in all my efforts have never caught them at home. But a missionary that I guess had taught them and met with them a while back had called the bishop of the ward and asked how they were doing. So we were of course asked to stop by, I of course thought theres now way in heck we are gonna get em this time, but we went by anyway, and for the first time since I've been in this area, they were Home!!!And they immediately invited us in. Tiffany, the wife is the member and super friendly and her husband is one of the nicest guys Ive ever met as well and they have two cute little girls ages 2 and 4. we sat down and talked for a bit and just got to know each other. We then showed them the Easter video and the loved it. Now Tiffany is pretty less active, but it was awesome to have her bear her testimony of the gospel after watching the video and to hear her say all of the things she wants to start doing as a family, that they aren't currently doing like reading scriptures, and praying nightly, and coming to church. We weren't too pushy but we did want to leave a chapter from the book of Mormon for them to read as a family, so we opened up the book and the first chapter revealed was Alma 32, so we figured, hey this is a great chapter, and right as we were saying Alma 32 she just freaked out because that was the exact page she had opened up to. So we kind of laughed about it saying that it must have been the spirit, but in all seriousness I believe it will be a good chapter for them to read and we trust the Lord knows what he is doing as we are simple instruments in his hands.

There's been a lot of crazy coincidences like that this week. You know, just God doin his thing, as usual. We've been blessed enough to be witnesses to some of these mini miracles. So Anyway, this family seems promising, It was interesting to see so many involved in the preparation of this family. The previous missionary, The ward, ourselves, and the Family themselves being so ready and willing to let us in.

Well, I kinda got on here late and time is about up so I gotta dip outa here, but It has truly been another great week. A week of personal spiritual experiences with the Lord. Its been good. I can't wait to just try and share more with y'all in person, there's so much to tell and the weekly emails just dont do my time here justice.

Until Next time, Love You guys, thanks for the emails and pictures!

Love, Elder Page

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