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Monday, March 14, 2016


Hello Everybody,

So there's not a whole lot that I have to say about this week, its been one of those weeks where you take each day at a time and next thing you know its Sunday and you don't really know where the time went, so This'll be short and sweet.

Elder Phunsaeng and I are still Loving our time together. Its crazy to think we've been with each other for 7 weeks already! Time goes by so fast, and its only getting faster! Its been good really getting to know each other better. Elder Phunsaeng has a crazy past because he had to serve in the military before he came out (not sure if I already told y'all that) and he is a convert of course, so his testimony of the gospel and of the church is very strong. He is such a good missionary, he has such a desire to be better everyday with the language with his skills as a missionary, and just everything. He has really motivated me to be better and to just enjoy myself while serving. He makes going out and doing missionary work fun. Recently we've faced a lot of rejection and people just haven't wanted to accept the message we're out sharing, but we have just been able to find joy in the fire and laugh about the little things, so All is Well. That's one thing I'm glad the Lord has blessed me with, A Good Sense of Humor.

(This is Sister Montague. She is a friend of Christopher's from BYU-I)

We are, as a mission, so excited to get this new Easter Initiative going. The new video is so powerful, You can't watch it without feeling the spirit. So it will be good to be able to hopefully share with y'all next week some cool stories using and sharing the initiative. I know that the Lord is inspiring the leaders of the church to help move his work along, and its awesome to be right there apart of it all. This church is the real deal, we are actively sharing the message of Christ, His Gospel, and the fact that HE LIVES! and isn't just chillin up in the clouds, but he is Doing Work, he is showing his love for all of us by leading and guiding this church. I have felt his love personally more than I ever have while serving him and I just hope this season will bring even more of that. I Love You Guys, Thanks for the emails, pictures, cards, letters and everything in between. #Hallelujah!

I Love It.

Love, Elder Page

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