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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Lord's healing hands...

Hey There,
So I guess y'all didn't get the email I sent last week, that's too bad, because it was a really good week. I resent it so hopefully it goes through. This week was a good one as well. It is the sharing of my testimony that has consistently made me happy. When there's been nothing else to do it is doing what I was called here to do that has gotten me through, and that is to share with others the joy I feel from the gospel.

This week Elder Phunsaeng and I had a few good chances to simply teach the message of the restoration to people. Thats something the mission has been focusing on. And not just sharing it with investigators but with everyone. People we talk to on the street, members our companions. It has reiterated the things that I have known to be true for so long but now have a fresh view of. I love being a missionary, I really do find peace in helping others and I'm happy to still have the time I have left to do this, because I know that it has made the Lord happy too.

Its been a good week and a half since we've been able to make contact with Daleen. She has been going through some troubles with her family (kids and ex husband). And it has all been stressful for her and seems to be quite the burden on her temporally and spiritually. Please just keep praying for her, she needs all the help she can get. Larry though is doing alright, he is still meeting with us, his progression is slower but its still there. We have been able to find and teach a few new people this week, so we're praying that at least one of them will stick around for future lessons and exposure to the gospel, we'll see.

I think this week I have just been able to see the Lords healing hands be placed on me at a time where I have needed it more than ever. It's been a gradual healing and there are still areas unattended, but the core of my troubles have resolved by the Atonement. Through it, all things can and will be made right in the end, I know that that's true. I'm grateful for the eternal perspective that I have, for the Love I am able to feel from y'all and the motivation that it is to keep going. Pray that I can continue to lift others higher and help in the best ways possible. I Love you guys, I can't wait to let you know how the coming week goes, until then!

Love, Elder Page

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