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Monday, February 22, 2016

Mosiah 24...

Hey Everybody,

So I have a lot to cram into this email because its been quite the week!

To Start off I want to explain why there are so many pictures of me doing weird things in public with nature. That is because this week, I invited our district including myself to make an effort to try and admire Gods creations while out working. Its amazing just how that small thing made the greatest difference in our attitudes and enjoyment of being out each day. We have also been working on purifying our hearts as a district, more so myself than anyone else, but its been real fulfilling. In other words, when people are rude and mean to us just to do everything we can to love them and help them feel the spirit so that even if they may not be interested in the moment that the Lord can work his magic and prepare them little by little for future missionaries. Its been great! I haven't been perfect, but I have felt quite a change when it comes to just talking to people and leaving people better than I found them. I really like the spirit, I don't know what Id do without it, I really don't.

So this week from the start was a harder week for me and it just so happened that we were studying in PMG for comp study and the Gordon b. Hinkley quote jumped out and got me! Its the one that simply says, "Do You want to be happy? Forget Yourself and Get Lost In this great Cause."

I never thought that Gordon B. Hinkley telling me to get lost would be a good thing, but it was. Since then my problems haven't gone away but I've allowed the Lord to step in and begin helping me.

Just to show how aware the Lord was of me this week, it also just so happened that the message that I studied in Tuesday personal study and the message that somehow kept coming to surface was Mosiah 24, which talks about the people being overwhelmed with affliction and being kept in bondage, but as they pray and turn to the Lord in word and thought, they are given the strength to bear their burdens and they can witness that the Lord truly does comfort his people in their afflictions. Their testimonies are mine. I know that The Lord has been here for me day by day.

On a side note, Larry is doing pretty well. He himself was going through some stuff this week and so it was awesome to be able to comfort him through the words of the Lord. We didn't know what to share with him at first, because he just was not feeling it, but we asked if we could pray and ask god what we should read and so I offered the prayer and as soon as I said amen Mosiah 24 came to mind. It was the spirit once again directing me back to that chapter. He is still searching for what is right. He is having a hard time knowing for Sure what is right and what is wrong, which is a hard thing to address, but We just trust the Lord and Know that the Answer will come in his time and his way. Lastly, We had a General Regional Broadcast from Salt lake as an entire western united states yesterday. It was So Good! Elder Runlund was the main speaker and they had a few others speak. Aw Man it was just Too Good! I wonder if they'll have their talks on the church website, if not, I'll just have to tell yall all about it when I come home, I took some notes.

All in all this week has been evidence that the Lord is mindful always, he knows me. And he knows whats to come and although some moments are still hard I am learning to trust Him more with everything. I Love You all, thank you for your prayers, I can feel them. Until Next week.

Love, Elder Page

P.S. An Elder has let me borrow his Ukulele, so we've been singing primary songs for dinners and every member has suggested I play for the Primary during sharing time, so That might be my new calling here, Ive been here long enough, haha! Let ya know how it goes. Whether I get booed off the stage or whether they cheer for an encore. Hopefully the latter.

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