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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Life as I know it right now...

I have done a horrible job at keeping up with this blog. If it weren't for Elder Page, nothing would get put up.
I really do have a life that is very full, just not filled with people at the time (at least not children close by)
I have to admit I have had a bit of an adjustment since Christmas. The house feels so quiet and empty.
I miss the sound of laughter and little babies making their demands on their young parents.
I miss the yelling of boys, now men, while watching their favorite soccer team win or getting upset at watching their college team once again fall from the lead only to loose.
I miss the girls talking, about getting little sleep or what we are going to go do to pamper ourselves for the day. Or best yet talking about boys with Abigail.
I miss spiritual discussions about the gospel, about Jesus Christ and how He is apart of my children's lives daily.
I miss them bearing testimony of the things that have come to know are true and deeply mean more to themthan every.
I miss watching the love between couples, holding hands, and stealing kisses.
I miss watching them play the roles of mom & dad as they care for their own little ones, as they talk in the cutest little voices to them, and how hard it is to put little Scarlett in time out!
I just miss watching the love between them all, sharing love between each other in their own unique ways.
I miss their voices, their smiles, hugs, laughter and "I love you's"
I just miss them....
I also love the alone time with my sweet heart Steve.
I love the sound of his laughter when he cracks up at his on jokes.
I love watching a basketball game with him and getting upset watch LeBron James win again, but loving it when Stef Curry's team wins...I love watching him play.
I love our long talks about still getting no sleep (because we stay up too late) and planning get away's that usually get canceled because we are needed somewhere else (sometimes they happen)
I love talking about our children and grand children about how proud we are of them and how they are growing, and about the boys (Abigail) they are dating :)
I love our daily spiritual discussions about the Gospel, the Book of Mormon and other spiritual experiences we are having and how much the Lord has blessed our family.
I love watching the love between us grow even after so many years together, holding hands, and stealing kisses.
I love watching Steve light up as he plays the role of Paw Paw, he is so loved by his Grandchildren (especially Scarlett with her being the oldest right now)
I love it when we get to catch up with our children on Skype and when Steve says "well they have to go" just to get me to hang up when I am not ready to.
I love hearing Steve tell me he loves me, especially at those times I need to hear him say it even though I already know he does.
I love his smile and cheerful way.
I guess I just love my family...
So even though it is hard not having my children and their sweet little families close by, I can always call or write and sometimes even visit them and in those moments I can't, I just close my
eyes in my quiet little house and I think back on memories and yes sometimes I cry, but they are happy tears.
I think that MY, Our Heavenly Father knows exactly how I feel.
This is just life as I know it right now...

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