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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

This week though...

So there's a lot that I could say about the week, but to keep y'all interested I'll just cover the major points and highlights. So We went to the LA Visitors center last night with Daleen and Larry. We had a couple of member families join us as well, so it went really well. The sisters there know what they're doing. The spirit was just Thick. That's the best word I have to describe the feeling there. And the best part was that Daleen and Larry both felt it and had a great time. We didn't find out till the ride home, but after going through the tour of the visitors center Daleen snuck outside to go pray by the temple. She said she got down on her knees and just poured her heart out to god, and she picked a white rose from the grounds. I was so proud of her! She had made that spiritual choice by herself, and we told her to remember that moment, because its something special. Daleen is still good to go for this Sunday. she just has to be interviewed by President Tew and then the rest is just setting up for the baptism. Just keep praying that things will work out. Daleen's facing a lot of opposition right now and she knows that its because she's about to do something really good.

Again I can just testify of the gospel, of the Savior and his reality. I have been able to see a literal change in Daleen as we've met with her and helped her and taught her about Christ. And looking back I have seen a change within myself as well. As Daleens made changes and become better I think I have too. I have felt the saviors love, his mercy, his patience, and his power. What a feeling it is. My mission really has meant a lot to me, and I am just excited to continue helping people just like Daleen and as I do that becoming a better person in the process. I feel like as of late my testimony of the Book of Mormon, of Joseph Smith, of the plan of salvation, of the temple have just been refreshed and reconfirmed to me. Its felt really good! We all need that spiritual recharge every once in a while, and its better to get them sooner rather than later!
Well, that's what I have to say about this week. I hope to have pictures of daleen in white next week. Fingers crossed! And I will share more experiences we're having with investigators.

Love Y'all!

- Elder Page
One of the members was selling his banjo, a really nice on, so we told Tory to g ahead a buy it. He would think of his mission every time he played it.

P.S. I forgot just how FUN playing the banjo was. Don't worry, I'm only playing it at night before I go to bed

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