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Monday, January 25, 2016

She did it!!!!...

Hey Everyone,

So I'm not going to waste anytime, so to start off... Daleen Was baptized yesterday @ 5pm!!! I thought a lot about what I wanted to say to try and sum up my excitement and satisfaction and happiness and and joy for Daleen. But now that I'm sitting here, I can't do it. Her baptismal service was sooo amazing. There was a spirit of Love, of Fulfillment, of Joy and Peace, and the spirit testified the entire time of the Savior and His Love and grace and mercy and power to do All things. Daleen has made numerous changes as y'all know and she couldn't have made any of them without Christ. Being So close to Daleen has helped me see just how much the Atonement can play a role in our lives. The strength and help and patience the Lord has given me as I've worked with Daleen combined with the help that he has given her to overcome her struggles is A Testimony that There is A God. I know that this is the Lord's Work and his Desire for all of us. To Be Happy, to change, and become someone better. That's what the Gospel is meant to do. I hope I am getting even half of my point and feelings across. All I can say is that Daleen is A Friend and someone that I will never forget and always be close to. The Gospel has allowed us to know each other and come closer to Heavenly father. She is such an example to all her friends and family. Already doin' Work, Missionary work that is :)

(Elder Hart and I, Larry, Daleen, Brother Davies (Member of ward that daleens come really close to) and daleens mom and dad :)
(This is Daleen and Beverly. Beverly used to be Daleens Rehab adviser haha. Yeah, so she is the first exposure daleen had to the church or anyone. Beverly referred missionaries to daleen two years ago, and they actually hadnt spoken for the last year and daleen called her the day of her baptism and told her. Beverly couldnt believe it and drove an hour to make it to the baptism. Those seeds planted a while back now bearing fruit! :) It was awesome to see them together.)

So on top of Daleens Baptism, there is more good news! I believe it or not will be staying here in the Woodruff ward for another 6 weeks! Sadly Elder Hart is getting transferred out. I am going to miss him a lot. Elder Hart and I have come really close over the past 12 weeks and the people that we've worked with together and the experiences we've had I wouldn't trade for anything. we are like brothers and He is definitely someone I will spend time with after the mission and be life log friends with. I just feel so grateful right now. For everything Thats happened in this area and for the relationships I've built and the experiences I've been able to have.

My New companions name is Elder 'PundSahng' I think I got the spelling right. He is from Thailand and speaks very little english but is a great person and missionary from what I've heard. I'm really excited to be able to work and serve with him for the next 6 weeks! I am doing well, I really couldn't ask for a better week. The Lord is watching out for me, I know it! I just want to Thank AlL of You for Praying and Fasting for Daleen. I truly have been a first hand witness to a miracle. And it has all been brought about by faith and God's will. It's been quite the journey, but it's just beginning. I Love Y'all! Be safe, Keep it All real, and don't ever let life get too crazy.

Love, Tory

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