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Monday, January 11, 2016

Hastening His Work...

This week has definitely been one to remember. It's been full of teaching, exchanges, rain (el nino) and banjo playin!

First things first Daleen is doing Great! She is preparing for baptism on the 24th and it looks like she will actually make it! fingers crossed, haha. The time that's been put in to helping Daleen has all been worth it. teaching her, answering her phone calls when she has questions or has the urge to smoke. The many weeks of having her come to church, the spiritual experiences shes had and shared with us and that we've had with her. The many reading sessions we've enjoyed, and everything in between have been some of the best times of my mission and I cant wait to see Daleen take those first steps into the waters of baptism to make promises with her heavenly father that will only bring more blessings into her life. I cant wait for y'all to meet her one day, she really has become more than an investigator, she is my sister, shes family! Her single experience of coming to know that the atonement is real and that the Book of Mormon is true has changed the way I look at people around me. It helps me see that we all have divine potential and that these things are in fact true, because of the things that Ive seen and more so felt. Anyways, I could go on and on about Daleen, all in all, shes doing great and she has continued to help Larry learn the gospel and everything we've shared as well. We are Officially going to the temple with them on the 17th. So I cant wait! We are all so excited about it, its gonna be a sweet experience.
I had two exchanges this week, one with an elder in my district and another with Elder Rhodes our zone leader. Both exchanges were great and as always led to some sweet growth and change. Exchanges really are good times on a mission, its just a time to forget everything, and work with someone looking to learn from them and improve and you get out of them what you put in.

We had a few lessons where members were able to come out with us which is something we've been focusing on. There's always a special spirit to the lessons when members can share there testimonies of what we're teaching at that time. One lesson in particular was with our investigator Norma. She is the woman from Syria that we've met with a few times. So Norma is very smart and is all about logic and facts and experimentation. So we read Alma 32 with her. Her English is still a work in progress but it was amazing that as we read to her she managed to understand the points being made by Alma. She loved the idea of experimenting on his words and she said that she would try. As we said the prayer and were leaving, she said to us, "I feel something good when you pray for me." And at that moment my faith in the spirit grew, I knew that she had felt it and we then explained that to her. I know that this gospel can change people, and that this church is the vehicle that we're able to get to where we want to be as far as our relationship with Christ.

Love You All and am really truly grateful to have y'all in my life. I'm pretty Lucky. Until next week.

Love, Elder Page

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