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Monday, March 19, 2012

Elder Page

Hey Everybody!! Sounds like usual that everything over there is really busy and fun, which I love to hear. :o) Prom looks like it was super fun and everybody looks so good! I have to be honest, the only thing that shocked me more than how pretty Abby looked was how weirdly manly Vishal Looked!!!!! Oh my gosh that boy became a man!!! I just remember him as this puny little Indian kid that Abby would sit with at lunch. Wow, he is a man. Anyways, glad to hear that everything else is going well. Dad in Provo, You staying with the Wilson's next month, and Tory's Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday buddy!!!!! I miss you and hope you have tons of fun dating and all that jazz. But, remember what I said, always always always follow Mom's advice. Trust me. She is always knowing the right thing to say. :oD Mom, something else I could use if you could manage it is a new CD holder book thing. I have accumulated more cd's than my little book can handle and a new one would be nice, but you cant really find those things anymore with IPods and stuff can you? I got my package this past week and i loved it mom!! Thanks always for sending me my favorite stuff like warheads and granola. However mom, the best part of that package was by far your letter. Thanks so much. You are one amazing mom and you always know the perfect thing to say. :o) I have been bragging about you and just how awesome of a mom you are all week. :o) I love you so much mom! I had a pretty normal week though. Just doing all we can to move the work forward even just a little. We dont really have very many people to be teaching right now. It has been a little rough and doing a lot of finding. Almost all day every day, but it is easy to keep your spirits up and have fun because my companion has so much energy. He helps me a lot. :o) I guess just two highlights from the week. One, we got to go to a J-League soccer game. There is a team in Niigata and we got permission to go with an investigator on Saturday. That was fun and I will send pictures at some point. One more is about that Sister, the one I wrote about last week who has recently come back to church, Sister Kobayashi. We had another lesson with her this past week and it was super awesome. We talked to her about The Plan of Salvation and it was pretty cool. She brought up Being sealed to her family in the Temple and stuff. As we taught, she told us that she was so relieved. She told us that she could have hope about her family and life after death again. It was very powerful and made my entire week. Just like she is coming to know again as we teach her, I truly do believe that this gospel is true. I believe it from the bottom of my heart. That conviction is very personal, and yet something that has pierced the hearts of millions around this world. I testify that when we seek, we do find. When we ask, we do receive. I believe that and I have based my life on it, on the truth of our Father in Heaven and our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you family, and I love you all who give me so much support and love. It does help. Know that all of your support helps. Have a great week and keep a smile on your face everybody, that will make the biggest difference in your life!! :oD Till next week!!! Love always, Elder Page

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