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Monday, March 5, 2012

Often he will guide us by and through those around us...

Page Choro at a baptism, and with companion Elder Sanders.
Hello Mama Page, Thank you for your email. It was wonderful and it was not boring in the slightest bit. :o) It was perfect! Mom, Happy Birthday!!!! Dont worry Mom, I didnt have a very interesting week either. It just came and went in about 2 seconds. :o) This is the last week before transfers, so next email we will find out what happens to me! I hope I get to stay, but things just come and go so fast now, I know that even if I stay, I will be gone before I know it. I cant believe it is March! Heard about Tory and everybody in the Basketball tournament, way to go winning a game like that!! I miss playing sports so I always love to hear about you guys having fun. :o) Tory is going to be 16 and dating so soon and that is just strange to me. Tory, a word of advice, whatever the next three years of your life brings, always always always listen to the advice/council of Mom and Dad. They are right. hahaha :o) You are probably laughing at me saying that aren't you Mom and Dad? ;o) Mom, if you want Dad to go to Brazil, like I do, the quickest way to get him there is to go there with him. He will for sure go there if you go with him. I know you have a lot of stuff to do, but this is a one time offer. As a person serving a mission right now, I can tell you Dads feelings that he doesn't want to go if you aren't by his side. I wouldn't want to go without my eternal companion either! As for a package for March, I dont really have anything I NEED I dont think. If I can think of something I will for sure tell you, but I think I am ok for now. Mom, thank you so much for sending me the pictures of Marissa. Lets just say that they brought a big ole smile to my face. :oD I was so happy. :oD To be honest, I am quite jealous of that little boy. The work is going alright. Just keep cruising along and trying to find investigators. Read all of the emails from Chris and Jordan and it just sounds like things are going great for them. It is still crazy to me how we are all just all over the place now! I wish I had more to tell you about my week, but things just have begun to blur into an image that is getting harder and harder to pick details out! Marissa, I got your Valentines Package a while back! Thank you so much for that and all that you do for me! :o) Mom, I also got a letter from you this past week, thank so much!! Although not much interesting happened this week, there is something that I could just feel. I could just feel the peace of consciousness that comes from the truth. It is obviously a hard thing to express, but just think about it, tough things happen in life! They happen in big and small ways to big and small people. We will eventually all have to face the test of life that sometimes will drive us to a feeling of nothing, or sometimes literally nothing. Something that I drew much peace out of this past week is the promise of the Lord given in Alma, "I do know that whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trails, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day." I know that to be true. God will always be our support, and if we will, in our times of trial, seek to recognize that support, we will feel it in our life and it will bring great joy to our soul. We can take joy in life just from the reassurance that, even if our current situation isn't particularly difficult, when those times come, as surly they will come, that we will be ready and watched over if we will trust. I know that to be true and I felt it so much this past week. I testify that God will give us guidance and direction in life through many means. Often he will guide us by and through those around us. Seek to recognize and show gratitude for those blessings in our lives. I know that my Redeemer lives. That is something that we can count on. I love you guys so much. Time is just a going along and before I know it I will be there in good ole North Carolina! Have a great week!! Smile to those we meet, it helps! :o) Love always, Elder Page

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