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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Comforter, who's role is to testify of truth to our hearts

Hello Everyone!! Wow, :o) I am so glad that your friends had such a wonderful experience at church. I hope that more than anything, they remember the way they felt. They were touched by the Holy Spirit of God, the Comforter, who's role is to testify of truth to our hearts. That feeling that they had will be more valuable to them than anything else they will learn or experience. I have seen in my experience that the most amazing thing that anyone can experience is a testimony of the Spirit. Being here in Japan, almost everybody has no idea who Jesus Christ or God is. People often have a very difficult time understanding at first, but when people feel the Holy Ghost, that lack of understanding is taken away by a feeling of power and reassurance that what they are hearing is ringing true inside of them. I loved to hear about Conner popping up on BYU TV! That is so funny and I can totally picture Conner saying that on TV. I am so glad I was blessed with the chance to be his roommate when I was at school. Abby!!! You will meet so many new friends like him at BYU and I am so excited you get to go there with me!!!!! :o) I hope you guys have a wonderful time at Prom this coming week. That was always one of my favorite times of the year, dressing up in a suit and stuff. hahaha Now I feel uncomfortable when I am out of a suit!! Funny how things just turn around on you like that!! ;oD I had a pretty good week. Oh yeah, I forgot!!! I got transfer calls this morning!!! Totally forgot. I guess I forgot because NOTHING IS CHANGING!!!!!!! I couldn't even believe it. It is the most rare thing ever! I have never heard of a Trainer being with his son for 4 transfers ever. But, this morning we got called at 6:30 and he told us we were going to remain together. Elder Ikeda, one of the six missionaries in Niigata is transfering, but other than that, we are all staying the same here. I am pretty happy about it because I am way loving everything right now. :oD At least six more weeks with the things the way they are. This past week was pretty busy though. We had a big Area training with an Area Seventy, Nishihara Choro, and that was a cool experience. They talked a lot about the new church handbook and applying it better in our wards and branches. I got to go to Sado, the tiny little island branch again this past Sunday. As always that was fun and a great experience. You know that Bookmark you gave me, the one that says "Pray Always and I will pour out my spirit upon you." I spoke about prayer and the spirit to the branch and then I gave that to them as a present to put up in the church so that they can always remember it. They were really appreciative of it and they said to say thanks to my family. :o) We had the opportunity to teach a sister who has been coming back to church recently. She has been inactive for so many years that we have been teaching to help her recall all of the church teachings and stuff. This past week I had the opportunity of sharing the Joseph Smith experience with her and when I said the first vision. She is actually Filipino and so we teach her in English, so it was the first time on my whole mission that I have said the First Vision in English. It was a wonderful experience and she started crying. She told us that as she was listening she just felt all that she had learned when she was younger was coming back to her. Through tears she just told us, "It is true, it is all true." It was an awesome experience and it reminded me as well that Joseph Smith truly was a prophet of God. I know it because the Spirit has born a witness to my heart that I truly believe is true. I have faith that this church was restored through the priesthood power that was brought back to the earth through Joseph. Yesterday was the One year anniversary of the Eastern Japan Earthquake. They had a moment of silence across the country for about a minute. During that time I felt something very special. As I looked around at the people around me praying to something or someone, I felt the truth of the existence of our Heavenly Father. People, no matter where you are from or who you are feel something is there. They bowed their heads and closed their eyes and prayed to something that most of them didn't even understand. But, the fact that it was in their nature, that it was reactionary for them to bow their heads in reverence and offer up a plea to something they couldn't see. bore witness in my heart of the truth of our God. He lives and watches over us. He is eager to speak to us if we will but open up that line of communication. If we seek in faith, I testify that we will find. I hope everyone has a great week!! I love you all so much. Thank you for being such wonderful and shining examples of truth and righteousness. It will be time to see you again before we know it! Have a great week everyone! Keep smiling!!! :oD Love, Elder Page Ps, mom, I could use some toothpaste and a new toothbrush in that package. Also, some icing would be nice if you could fit it in. I made some really delicious bread spread with some of it last time. :oD Other than that I think I am fine!! love you!!

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