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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time is flying by in Sendai

Hey Everybody!!
Sorry about the fake out in Emailing again, this week was the normal transfer week so we had p-day on Wednesday, but next week it will be on Monday so be expecting it then! :) Speaking of transfers, there is a transfer from within the threesome this week...I am now companions with Elder Lay. Elder Ellis will still be in Kamisugi with us, but another Elder from another area is coming in to make it 4 elders here. He is a japanese Elder named Mizoguchi. So, we will still be with Elder Ellis, but we aren't companions, just me and Elder Lay now. I am pretty happy because I like them both a ton and I was worried that we would get separated. There is another change though, President Rasmussen changed the organization of the mission a little bit and now every area only has 1 zone leader. That zone leader is Elder Lay so now I am still with the Zone leader.
Anyways, past all of that news, no Mom, i haven't gotten your letter yet but I am sure it will come soon. We did celebrate the Fourth of July though...kind of. We ate steak for dinner and I wore my American Hater Blockers during dinner. :) Also, this super nice member of the ward made us a cake and brought it to us and said in English, Happy Fourth!!! It was super nice and was nice of her to do for us. That is so exciting about Jordan going to the Temple this week!! I am super excited for him! And you are right, he will be gone before he knows it, that last month is just a blurr to me now it was so fast. I have been thinking about him a lot lately with him leaving and stuff. He is going to do so well and see so many baptisms it is going to be great. There is a guy from Peru here for business that is coming to the ward here till he goes home. He comes to church every single week and he doesnt understand anything, it is amazing to see somebody keep there covenants like that. I was talking to him a little bit and he just said that the church is Peru is amazing right now. Growing so fast and the people are becoming 2nd and third generation and the strength of the members is increasing. Jordan will see so many miracles there.
Speaking of Matthew, I talked to Sister Rasmussen about Matt when I met her. She said that he was one of the most kind, humble, soft loving people she has ever seen and an absolutely amazing missionary. I told her that she was definitely talking about my brother. It is crazy how fast it goes. In a couple weeks I hit 6 months and then in a couple months Matt is home! Crazy!!
I have learned so much and grown more than I have grown in the entire mission in this last transfer alone. I have had some important lessons to learn and I had to fall down and get a little scrapped up to learn a couple of them. I am so grateful to Elder Lay and Elder Ellis because they have been great. My Japanese have at least tripled in this transfer too in no small part because of them. Everything in this language is really starting to click and sometimes it drives me crazy because I can't think in English sometimes!! :o) We had a very very blessed week this week. We had three days in a row where we set a baptismal date each day and we found a lot of people. I hope you all truly understand that miracles happen every single day. We have been praying so much and working so hard to find people who will receive this message and we are finding them. Also, we found out yesterday that we will have the opportunity to do Service in earthquake&tsunami affected areas every other week now which is a great blessing and opportunity.
This is the Lord's church. Through a prophet, Jesus Christ restored his 100% truth to the earth, and he is leading that church through a prophet today. Something that I have been seeing in missionary work and that I have been able to apply to myself is that Heavenly Father is so willing to give us answers to anything. The trick that I have really learned is that we have to sincerely want them, sincerely seek them, and then have a sincere desire to act on that answer, no matter what it is. It is Moroni's promise in the Book of Mormon. We are totally capable to receive all things, but we must yield our wills and give up our pride in order to fully unlock the windows of Heaven. I testify that the windows of Heaven are open. God speaks to us all individually and through his prophet. We can all know perfectly what we should do, but first we must act. Jesus stands at the door ready to enter, but he can't come into our hearts and into our lives unless we open the door. I love this gospel, it has allowed me to have the faith to overcome all and to have a sure knowledge of my plan. I know where we are from, why we are here, and where we are going perfectly because of this truth we have been given.
I Love you all so much. Everybody have a wonderful week and remember everyday that this is a happy gospel. Show that happiness every day, live this gospel (Mosiah 2:41).
Love always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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