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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally from Sendai...

Hello everybody!!
I am sorry about all of the suspense the past couple weeks!! I wanted to email really bad, but we have just been super busy! Plus the only place we have to email is way far away from anywhere so it is a treck on our bikes to get out here! Wow, there is a lot that has happened in a couple weeks! Where to start, I guess I will reply to stuff first. It was wonderful to see that picture of Matt and President Rassmensuen, you can definitely get the feel of change in the air here as we get ready to switch mission presidents. It could be way different, I have seen that already as I have switched from Sapporo to Sendai, different presidents will recieve their own specific revelation on where to take the work in their missions. I am excited to meet him!
It is great to hear how wonderful all of the missionary work is going in Kannapolis and with Matt! It is the most joyful work in the world and I am so grateful you guys at home do so much for us missionaries!!
Dallin and Jacs got a cat!! That is super awesome!!! There are a lot of cats around here and I see them all the time and miss Daisy and Smores!
By this point everybodys summer has probably started, that should be way fun! Keep me updated on all the fun things you do!!
You are totally right Mom, Marissa keeps herself so busy! She told me she just took on another job! Do me a favor and you make sure that girl is having fun!! :) I think a great way for her to do that would be to go to the beach with you all!! If she puts up a fight about it, just tell her that she didnt regret it the first time, how could she possibly go wrong going again! :)
Derek came to town, all the Caswell crew came! You guys are just having so much fun!! I miss all those guys a lot. Especially Jordan, that boy is my brotha!! I am getting super excited for him to get out there and to start feeling this amazing joy of missionary work! Make him send me a letter Mom. ;)
I loved hearing about your wonderful Sacrament Meeting with all of your testimonies. I miss hearing my family bear their testimonies, that is something I cant wait to experience again. Tell Tory to give Austin a big ole` hug for me and then tell him I said to do all he has to do to make sure he gets on a mission! I can`t wait to hear about Michael!! That is super exciting!
I haven't gotten my package but I cant wait!! I hope it wasnt too expensive! I saw a picture of Mitt Romney in someones newspaper and I figured that was what it was. Lets hope this round goes better! Without Mike Huckleberry Fin he might have a better chance! ;) I hope I get to hear this $teve rap! That would crack me up! How is Mrs Benaduce, did she read that book, I havent had any time to write her! Tell her Hello! I havent had time to write anybody!
Most days we just work through P-Day because here people are off a lot on Monday! You have to do what you have to do to get the work done, especially here in Tsuruoka! And on that note, I guess I will just move on to me!
Things are going well. We came here to Sendai two weeks ago on an 8 hour train ride from Sapporo! We took the train under the ocean, it was pretty cool! Week had a mission conference and then did service in Sendai. It was a great experience, some of the devastation was pretty bad but we helped out a couple of familys with their homes, or with what was left with them. Since then we have just worked out hearts out. Here in Tsuruoka the work has been pretty slow, we worked super hard last week but put up really low numbers which was tough. We have a lot of faith and confidence that the work will pick up though if we just keep going hard everyday. The branch has about 40 people in it and to be honest, they just seem like a tired branch; not much fire in their testimonies or zeal for missionary work! But we are trying to get them going! In Testimony meeting it was super dead and nobody was getting up, so I got up and starred down the branch and challenged them all to get up and "bear witness of what you know to be true." I sat down and waiting and was looking people right in the eyes until they finally got up and did so. It was pretty funny, but all three of us are doing all we can.
My companions are great! I love them so much and we get along really well. One funny story and then I have to go, dont have a lot of time! The other day we were walking past a park and there were a bunch of 9 10 and 15 year olds playing soccer in the park. I hopped the fense and starting playing with them and they freaked out and started calling me pro! When we left 5 minutes later, they followed us all the way to the church!! We showed them the church and told them all a little bit about who Jesus Christ was and gave them pamphlets! It was kind of weird, but a miracle to help lift our spirits none the less.
There are a TON of teenage girls in Tsuruoka and they freaking love us! All the missionaries tease me that I can contact any teenage girl because of the "Page Choro Smile Power." hahaha It is pretty funny! Tell Marissa not to worry, nobody here is even close to as amazing as her...or it might just have to do with the fact that I cant understand what they are saying! ;) Mom, let her know I sent her a letter this week and that I love her to death!
I wish I had more time but I will let you know more next week! I have to go now, hopefully we will get to email next week! I love you all so so much! This gospel is true! Jesus Christ is our Redeemer! It is my privilidge to share that truth with the Japanese people and I love it! Remember every single day how blessed we are to have this amazing knowlege of Gods Plan of True Happiness for us! Our families truly can be eternal! There is no doubt in my mind of this sure knowledge! If you dont know it, try the experiement. Test it. I promise you from the bottom of my heart that God will show you with Power and Great Glory that this is his church and that he speaks through a prophet today!
I love you all and I cant wait to hear from you again!!
Till next week or whenever!
With all of my Love,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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