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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Elder Page in Sendai

Service in Sendai, check out the hat Marissa :)

Hello Everybody!!

It has been a crazy 4 days since I transfered here to Kamisugi! The past few days have consisted of a CRAZY busy schedule!

We have been in a lot of meetings with people in the ward here trying to make sure our missionary efforts are well coordinated because there are 3 sister missionaries too. The ward here is really big for Japan, it is well over 100 people! This past sunday was Stake Conference and so members from Tohoku came to Kamisugi. President Tateoka leaves on Wednesday and so he spoke at the Conference. It is pretty crazy that President Rassmensun is coming tomorrow night! It is going to be a crazy week or so with us working on the transition and stuff. The missionary work is way different here and everything just feels way more busy! I don't really have a whole lot of things to tell this week other than a pretty funny story that I will tell quickly. We met a black guy in Japan! He was from New York City and his name was "King." He was a little off his rocker to say the least but his little bike and he stopped to talk to us. He started telling us that he tried to get the police in New York to kill him by breaking into someones apartment naked. Apparently when the police came in, he yelled at them to shoot him,but they just tackled him instead. He said that when they tackled him he felt Gods love and as soon as he was released from prison he came to Japan because God called him here. To make the rest of this long story short, he told us that he has learned that God is in the palm of our hands and we just need to have One Love!!! He chose Ellis Choro as his son, gave him his email, and told Ellis choro to email him 10 years to the day from then. It was pretty crazy. Needless to say we went to a park after that and prayed together so that we could stop laughing and regain the spirit. :) I felt my first earthquake this week! It wasn't big but it was pretty cool because the house was rocking! We have a couple of investigators from China that we are teaching in English so that feels pretty nice! Other than that, it has just been a very fast and very short 4 days! Just a couple of things, Hailey Shubert has written me a couple times and I want to write her back but I am not sure how to get a letter to her or what the address is, so if you could do that for me that would be great! Also, we want to try and and implement Family Missionary Plans for the members here and I remember we had a sheet for that back home, if you could send one to me that would be great! Also, one more quick thing Mamma,and you can consult Papa about this, there is this really sweet place here in Kamisugi called "The Super Suit." You get a totally personally designed, taylored, name embroydered suit for 100 bucks. It is a pretty sweet deal. It really isn't a huge huge deal, but if that is in the budget, it would be pretty sweet! ;oD
Alright, from that I don't have too much else, just to end with my testimony. This church is God's true, restored church on earth. I know that Jesus Christ leads this church today. He is my Savior and Redeemer. Through his redeeming power,we can be together forever with those we love. Mom, I love you so much. I miss you and your hugs so much, you have no idea! Yesterday I hit 5 months and I can hardly believe it! It feels so fast. Tell everyone in the family that I love them. Give Marissa my love as usual. Have a wonderful week Momma! And dont feel bad about not emailing me this week, I know you will feel a little bad, but don't worry, P-Days come and go so fast and next week will be here in 2 seconds. I love you all!!!
Love Always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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