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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Lord's tender mercies...

Dear Family,
Well this past week went by pretty uneventfully. We have been working on finding. We with the help of U-3 are going thru the ward directory, and cleaning out old names and finding out who is staying for the summer. The University 3rd ward is pretty slim but the 5th ward stayed intact for the most part.
On monday we went golfing with our WML from the 5th ward. Elder Bellows loves golf and so does our WML so I decided to be a good sport and play. As you all know the extent of my golf experience is an intense round of Putt-Putt. We played 18 holes on a real course & needles to say I was pretty bad. I only lost like 10 balls :) I did make a few good hits, but overall it was really bad. Elder Bellows loved it alot so I'm glad we went.
On Wednesday we had a big missionary meeting with all the missionaries in Tucson. It was a good meeting. President is making a big push for this month. By the end of the month we will be hearing from President Kilpack (our new mission pres.) He sounds like a great guy.
Afterwards we all went to CiCi's & it made me sick. Buffets are just bad news & missionaries always seem to find their way to them. We got Golden Corral on thursday and now Elder Bellows is sick from it. He lied in bed on sat. & was just feeling awful.
We are getting the last few things squared away fro Ainslee's baptism on the 28th. She is doing great. I'll be sure to send pictures...I'm over due!
Zach's email was pretty funn. Im' not going to lie that there is more where that came from. I can't count how many times I've come home at night just stuffed.
We've been fasting this week to find people. On sunday we found two peopl. One was a referal that ended up coming to church and the other was a guy who just randomly walked into the institute building. Both seem great and want to learn more. That definately was a tender mercy from the Lord :)
I love you all & I'll update you next week.

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