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Monday, May 2, 2011

Elder Z PAGE

Well Mom, to start this email off I will just tell you that the address is just the mission home address. They Have every letter come through the mission home to make misdirected mail at tranfers easier. So it is just the mission home address:
Japan Sapporo Mission
24-1-25 Kita 2-jo Nishi
Chuo-ku, Sapporo-Shi
Hokkaido 064-0822

So there you go! :) Sorry about that! Yeah, I had a pretty interesting week, but first, I want to reply to your email. Actually, first of all....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much and you are the most beautiful, wonderful sister ever!!! Really, I love you so much!!! I am glad you enjoyed the beach, and I thought that you would think the tape was funny. Sorry it wasn't a little better, I will try to do better next time. :)

I am excited about calling on Sunday as well! Apparently, President Daniels is one of the strictest mission presidents in the world when it comes to the time you are on the phone. We get one call of exactly one hour or less. You need to call us at OUR 9:15 in the morning on MONDAY, so it will be your guys sunday night. It is pretty weird how it works and we don't have a ton of time, Hope that all makes sense! Can't wait! :)

I do remember you all in every prayer I say so don't worry about that!!! This week was full of ups and downs. I did have to go to the hospital and everything, but everything was ok. I did have to stay in the apartment for two days with no going out, and that was extremely hard. I studied a lot of things, but it just allowed for too much down time and it was very tough. I met with President Daniels and spoke with him after those tough days and I felt much better. He really is an amazing man, and he cares about me so much and so specifically, even though I just met him. We finally moved into our own apartment this past week as well. We went from this super small apartment with 6 elders, to this really nice/big apartment with just Elder Clinton and I. It is pretty nice. :) I do miss having more Elders around though. That was tough too because we spent a lot of time moving in and moving furniture and stuff (Got a taste of how you felt during your mission Dallin :) ) When we did have time to do some Dendo (Proselyting) this week, it was hard. We had a couple investigators, who were working for baptism, drop us and say they weren't interesting anymore. It was pretty hard because we see them progress and we know they have felt the spirit, and then they still turn it down. However, we still did see miracles every single day. We contacted a couple guys that could grow into really good investigators. It has been pretty funny at times because the Japanese people are pretty funny. They are too nice to just tell you straight up that they aren't interested, so they will do anything possible to dodge you. On the streets, you have no idea how many times people's family call them on the phone right as we walk buy. :) Houses are even funnier, it is hard to get people to come to the door because EVERYONE has these little intercoms, but then, when we do get them to the door, they will lie and say they have guest over, meanwhile, the old man is standing there in his pajamas! It is hard to be denied when this message means so much to me, but if I had to get denied, the Japanese do it in funny ways to make a laugh out of it. This week I was listening to the song "Love is Spoken Here" and something hit me really hard. The most important thing about, not only our life on this earth, but for our eternal life, is eternal families. I am so grateful for my family and I would do absolutely anything to assure that I have that. It isn't easy by any means, and sometimes it may be very painful, but it is more than worth it to make sure we do everything we can to obtain that priceless gift. I ate some pretty weird stuff for the first time at a members house. Don't know what it was called, and I am not going to be too graphic, but lets just say it was some sort of fish, its eyes we firmly intact, it wasn't cooked, and it wasn't a good experience. :) This week had a lot of tears and a lot of growth and I have never come closer to my Savior, and my need for him, ever in my whole life. I love you all so much, Mom, Dad, Dallin, Jaclyn, Matt, Abby, Tory, Marissa, and all you others who you know who you are. You are the most important things in my life and I love you all through thick an thin. No matter what happens or how hard life gets for you, I will love and support you unconditionally in your trails and troubles. Remember me in your prayers this week and in the coming weeks so much, I need them! :)

Have a wonderful week everybody!!!!

Love Always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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