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Monday, May 2, 2011

Elder M. Page

Hey Everyone,

How was your week? Mine was alright. We got a lot of potential baptisms and 2 investigators with Baptismal dates :) We are making progress. We are working really hard. Things here with finals coming up everyone is really busy with school. I'm not sure what will happen in about a month from now when shcool is done, but there will still be Elders on campus. I hope I stay one more trasfer because we have two people so far getting baptised next month. (He did not get transfered!) I really like working the University.

How was Abby's dance thing? I am sure she did awesome! Did you get to speak with Zach the other day when he left for Japan? DId he get to speak any Japaneses to you all? I'm sure he's super excited to finally get out there and start working. He will be just like I was going out and just a few weeks later he gets to talk to everyone at home again.

For Mother's Day just let me know when you want me to call. I will give Zach first priority & dibbs because, well he is in an extremely different time zone.

Other than that I am just trucking along. We had intervies the other day with President. I enjoy interviews with President Walker. He is a great man and he loves us and loves the Lord. I will miss him when he is gone. I will miss Sister Walker too :) I'm sure the new Mission President will be good too!

Keep praying for me. Pray I won't get completely roasted this summer :) I'll try to use more sun screen. Last summer as you could see I was turned into a giant lobster.

I love and miss you all! We will talk soon!

Love ,


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