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Monday, May 9, 2011

Elders sent lots of love and smiles through the phone!

It was so fun talking to Matthew last night! You could just feel his smile warming you through the phone. (How does he do that) He is enjoying where he is. President is going to try to get him back in a spanish area before he comes home. He'll probably only have one more area before he comes home. 5 months is so crazy. He says he is in that stage where it is hard to remember life before the mission. Steve always says you begin measuring life before and after the mission. It was so nice to hear his cheerful voice and sweet laugh. He sends his love to everyone and says he will see everyone soon.

Zachary was doing great as well. He is going through alot of adjustments right now, and it is very hard not knowing the language very well yet, but one day I know he will just suddenly understand, be brave and have heart, we love you and the Lord is aware of you and He is always there with you. He had some pretty funny stories to tell us. I will let him share them to everyone some day. I know I loved it when Dallin came home and he would share all of his funny experiences with us. He would have us all in stitches laughing so hard. He is a great story teller, his kids are in for a treat :) It was one of the best mothers days I can remember! Loved having all of my family on skype or the phone all at once atleast for a couple of minutes as Zach and Matt's calls over lapped just a little. So Matthew got to say Hello to Zach. It brought tears to my eyes feeling them all so close even though we were all miles apart! I guess I just need to be patient, we will all be together again some day, and I know the time will pass quickly. I love my children, all the ones I gave birth to and all the many others I did not. Being a mom to so many wonderful people is such a blessing. I love you all thank you so much for your love as well. Till we all meet again together....

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