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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Making old things new again!

Dallin and Jaclyn have been shopping at goodwill and yard sales to find some things to put in Dallin's apartment. Here are a couple of projects we have been working on. Jaclyn wanted to learn how to refinish furniture so I showed her how to do it and she went right to work. Sanding was the hardest part because it was in such bad shape, but look at it now! Why people can't see the potential in things I don't know! It is always fun making old things new again! I am soooo bad at taking before pictures...oh well it is beautiful now! I think they bought the table at Goodwill for 25.00. Great Deal! Dallin all ready to go help Jaclyn out with the table.

They both worked on it together wipe on wipe off...
She was covered in stain before she was through :)
Doesn't it look great and that is without the poly!
Again I am not good at remembering to take pictures before. I guess I could take off the slipcover but I did not want to after getting it on. Oh well! It turned out pretty good if I may say so. It will look really good in his apartment. It will make a great study chair! They bought the chair at a yard sale for 20.00 and then I got the fabric for 30.00 so for 50.00 he has a great looking chair!

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