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Monday, May 3, 2010

Guess who is SWEET & 16!!!!!

Zach planned a really fun night for his sister. They had a great time...Everyone dressed in their best and went out for a fun casual night...dinner @ Steak n Shake, Bowling and back to the house for cake more food and games. Happy 16th Abigail and Happy 21st Jaclyn! We love you! WOW! 16, sweet and beautiful!
Me getting Abby's hair all fixed...She looks beautiful!

All ready for the party
The Birthday Girl and the Party Planner
What a handsome couple of kids :)

What a great looking bunch of friends!
Every one is here, looking fabulous now off to dinner.....

Yea on to a fun dinner @ STEAK N SHAKE!!!!!
Abby looks pretty excited about dinner @ Steak n Shake :)

Now for a night of BOWLING ANYONE!!!!!!!

Ivis can make a pair of bowling shoes look elegant :)

Alcides & Sebastian, the score keepers.

Allie & Ivis

Dallin & Jaclyn spent the day together and had alot of fun. Jaclyn is modeling one of the things that Dallin gave her.

Happy 16th Abigail!
Happy 21st Jaclyn!
The cake was yummy!

Great food and great friends make a happy girl :)

Sebastian, Michael & Christian
Me wondering why Alcides went to change into his grubbies when the party is still going on....!
Dallin & Jaclyn
Ivis & Allie
Steve, proud of his little girl.
Abby can't believe she is having such a great party!

Anna, Abigail, and Stephanie
Austin, Hailey, Valery
Sebastian waiting for food

"Happy Birthday Abby and Jaclyn Happy Birthday to you"
The birthday girls!
Abby tries out Tory's sling shot...oops sorry Jaclyn

Austin & Ivis & Christain watching the gift opening....
I love opening presents..just not while every one is watching me :) Thanks everyone!
Thank you Dallin & Jaclyn!

Ty Ty I love My Bracelet!!!! You are the cutest!
Thanks Austin I love it!
Oh here is the best brother EVER!!!! Thanks Zach I love you!
This was the best birthday EVER!!!

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