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Monday, May 10, 2010

Beauty and the Beast was Excellent!!!!

JM Robinsons Production of Beauty and the Beast was EXCELLENT! So many from church came to see the play, Sis Blake and Gracie, Bro. and Sis Sabin, Tina and Mikayla Shaw, Family came too Debbie and Amber, Scott, Kara and all the kids. All said that it was so good and that Zach stole the show. He and Josh were soooo funny together! I was so very proud of Zach. I knew his personality would be perfect for drama, and all of those years of viewing Disney did not go to waste :)
Cogworth and Mrs. Potts
Cogsworth and Lumiere
These too stole the show!!!

Last night of the performance, instead of flowers we brought Zach's favorite sour warheads.
Zach had a lot of fun signing autographs!
Zach and the Ward robe, evidently she and Cogsy had a thing for each other...(in the play)
Gaston and Cogsworth
This was the role Zach hope to have, but he got the role that was perfect for him!!!
Great job guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cogsworth & Belle
She did an amazing job!

Cogsworth, the wardrobe and the feather duster ( she had the perfect french accent)
So who got Belle...the beast or Cogsworth?
Lefu..Gaston's sidekick with Cogsworth
some of the cast after the last show
Gaston (Andrew) Belle (Ryn) Cogsworth (Zach) Babette (Randi) The Wardrobe (Megan) Lumiere (Josh)
Missing Mrs. Potts, Chip, the Beast and Lefu
The cast were fabulous!
Zach's drama teacher Mrs. Boger
Proud Parents
Just a few of the friends and family that came to support Zach!

Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!

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