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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another Recital...#12

I hate that I do not have any pictures in her costumes. I usually do that at dress rehearsal, only she did not go to that this year. She had another important engagement :) (1st date). Maybe I can get her to put them on for me so I can get some pictures. She did a great job once again. Mom and Dad came with Gordon and Kathy this year. They have never missed it! I will try to get some video up of some of her dances. Abby we are so proud of you and the talents you are developing...another great recital!Just after it was over

Abigail and Grandma Peggy
Abby with Angela Lopez, our new friend.
Angela, Hailey & Abby
Me & Mom, I love that woman!!
Kathy, Alcides, Tory, Grandma, Dallin, Me, Abigail, Zach, Hailey, Grandpa Jack, Steve, & Gordon
Everyone plus Jaclyn

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