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Monday, July 7, 2014


This week was a good week. We went to Viña for Consejo and I got my package..on the 4th of July! How perfect :) All the Elders that were traveling back to the North with us attacked my Cheez-its and Monster mix haha...but I just thought "oh, poor little guys..yeah okay, have a little bit". Pero I was in Heaven with this package momma! Thank you thank you thank you! It was seriously a package of my favorite things! Hermana Mori sends lots of love yalls way too! She cried cause she was so happy to recieve yalls letters :) So thanks again.
This week my companion and I realized that our area is literally a trial. I love my area and my ward and the people and everything, so don´t get me wrong....It´s just that ever since my first cambio here, I´ve been living in a big trial....the refiner´s fire of my mission. A trial of paciencia. A trial of depression. A trial of animo. A trial of obedience. A trial of bad health. A trial of working hard but NO ONE progressing. A trial of...well, everything that happens that´s a trial in a mission... is our area...Brillador, La Serena haha. And I´m not gonna sugar-coat it, there have been some pretty hard moments. When we have just felt down right mal. And I acknowledge that there have been a million miracles too. On Saturday, we were started our fast with a prayer and we prayed for miracles y for us, for our animo and all that jazz. We ended our pray and went to work...and from that moment to the end of the day: 1 investigator that has a fecha is going out of town for the month, two others that we were going to give a fecha disappeared from their house without warning of anyone (even there neighbors dont know), a progressing investigador moved away, all of our appointments fell through, an evangelico chewed us out, and two of my converts (Cristina y Sebastian) moved away to the country with out telling anyone. So in the middle of all that, I looked over at Hermana Mori, and I just started to laugh and I said... "Wow Hermana...this area really is a trial....we´re even fasting haha". But even through all that that happened on Saturday. We were both so happy. So happy. And I realized....what a blessing it is that the Lord loves us so much that He gives us trials. I am so grateful for my area. I am so grateful that it is my refiner´s fire in the mission. Y I am so excited to (through all this) become who the Lord wants me to be. I am so thankful for my trials. And I am so grateful for the Lord that supports us through every step en el camino. What a blessing it is to be children of God :)

I love you all. I hope that everyone can learn to love their trials, and that we can all come to know the Lord through every minute of them. Trials are evidence that God loves us :) Disfrutelas!
Love always and always,
Hermana Abigail Page

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