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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Primary Class Activity

I am so very far behind. SO much has happened over the last month, and I can't even post everything. It takes forever to download pictures, and then it freezes and I have to start all over, so I post one at a time, therefore there will not be alot of pictures. (alot for me that is)
Feburary was a busy month. I had a primary class activity. So fun, they all came over to my home and we baked cookies and cupcakes, decorated them and took them to some dear friends to let them know that we love them. Of course I had to feed them so after our visits we went for pizza. They are some of the sweetest kids I know, so grateful that I get to be with them every sunday and anytime we plan fun time together!

Baking and decorating, being silly and visits with Myrtle and Flora

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