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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Katie's Baptism

Katie Miller was baptised on March 2nd (that is how far behind I am on blogging) It was up there as one of the most beautiful baptisms that I have experienced. Katie is a friend of Tory's, but that friendship developed after getting to know here through Mandi Gardiner. Katie and Mandi are good friends who met through track team at school. Mandi brought Katie to church on sundays and Katie seem to be interested in what she was learning. She has been such a sincere seeker, and really desires to learn and discover truth. Her testimony is amazing, and growing everyday Tory says. Tory and Katie are in the same ceramics art class at school and have lots of opportunity to talk and get to know each other. When Katie decided to get baptized she asked Tory to baptize her. What an honor is was for Tory. It was an experience he will never forget! The joy that she felt coming out of the water was just beautiful. The wonderful thing about the gospel is that we are always learning always striving to become all that our Savior needs and wants us to be. He wants only our happiness, and that happiness comes from knowing Him and living His gospel and applying his gift of the atonement daily so that we can have the Holy Ghost with us so that we can be lead and guided to reach our full potential and that is to become like Him. What a great example Katie has been to all of us. She has reminded us of the Covenants that we made at our own baptisms.

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