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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elder Ward update

Hey everyone!

So, I only have a few minutes right now to email- so my plan is to email now and then try to get back on later to write some more emails and whatnot. We had a baptism this past weekend of Moises and Alejandro Toledo. Moises is 9 and Alex is 8, their parents are already members but they weren't very active. It is a crazy story how they were found. One day in Clearfield, I was knocking a lot of doors in this trailer park. This old hispanic lady answered to door to trailer 52, yes I still remember the number. She told her name was Senora Gonzalez and that she used to be a member of the Church, but due to some family problems she wasn't going to Church anymore. So, we set up a return appointment to come back that Sunday night. Well, we show up on Sunday night- very punctual and right at 7 o'clock. We walk inside and there are like 30 people jammed in this small trailer for a party. She asked us to share a message with her whole family, including the 12 or so kids that were there. My companions were kinda in shock, so I remember just teaching a really basic message about Baptism and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I later found out that Moises and Alejandro were there and they really liked the message and they wanted missionaries to come to their house to visit their parents and them- they wanted to be baptized. I got the address and sent it to the missionaries in the area. Now, I come here to Jefferson 2nd and I realize that address is in our area! We go by and teach them some more and now they got baptized this past Sunday! Their whole family came in for it, some even drove 15 hours from California! After the baptism, the grandma came up to me and she was almost crying. She said (in Spanish), "Did you serve in the Clearfield Ward?" I told her yes. Then she asked if I remembered her and coming to her house, I told her that I did. She said, "Do you remember me? I am Sister Gonzalez and you came to my house and shared a message" I again told her that I did remember her and that I did remember coming to her house- I wrote about it that night in my mission journal. And then she almost cried and just kept saying "thank you, thank you." It was a really humbling experience for me, it almost brought me to tears. It was a really humbling experience for me. Every time that I see someone change on my mission it is just so humbling to see how the Lord has used me as his hands. He wants to succor them, He wants to save them, and He wants them to know of His love; and it is such a blessing that I have to be able to be His hands and his servant.
I went by the other day to visit the Rubio family, one of the families that I taught and baptized in North Ogden. They are doing really well and everything. They gave me a rough time because UNC lost to Dook. They don't even like basketball, but they saw it on and they remembered how much I like UNC Basketball. It was pretty funny. I told him that we are going to have to watch and America Soccer game after the mission. America is a soccer team from Mexico that is pretty popular. Cruz is a huge fan, so much that he named his daughter America (not because of the USA, but the soccer team...haha).
Well, I gotta run right now and go play some soccer, but I will write you all some longer emails later today and so forth. I'll talk to you all soon!

Love you!

Elder Ward

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