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Monday, October 3, 2011

Last week in the mission...

Hey Everyone,
Well, this past week went by pretty fast. We are just trucking along. More like me just trucking along. I'm not going to lie, I'm getting just a little anxious about going home. I feel like I'm in limbo. I want to just focus, but with coming home right in my face it's hard, and nobody forgets to remind me! :) Also I've realized one thing I will not miss is as a district leader makin calls at night.
This week one thing that as fun was that we helped a member out at a rodeo he was putting on! :) It was fun to watch. We helped at the end with taking the lassos off the calfs and also at the end we were rounding up the cattle. Elder Fredrickson and Elder Evans were crazy. Tey tried to ride the cattle and ELder Fredrickson landed in a big pile of poop! :0 It was a cool experience. Also the Brushman's were having family over this week so they took us out to breakfast on saturday and after we did a corn maze. It was lots of fun.
Other than that it has been pretty mellow. Me and Elder Stringer get along really well. It's been fun working together.
Tomorrow we are going to the temple. This will be my last one. I was lucky to be able to go one more time before I leave.
I'm glad th hear that things are good at home. I'm glad that things have kind of calmed down for a little while. I'm glad to hear that McKenna is doing well and that you are checking up on her. I'm so excited for her to come down.
I'm excited to see you all!!!! I hope you have a great week and enjoy General Conference. I know I will. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. You are always there for me. I will be susre to send off one more letter next week. Can you believe that I only have onemore letter to write! :)
I love you all and I will see you soon! :)
Elder Page

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