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Monday, October 10, 2011

Elder Page gets conference a week late...

Last night while emailing Elder Page, we happen to be on at the same time (me later than usual and him earlier than usual) PERFECT :) Any way it was sooooo fun to chat with him a while. It made him seem so much closer than he is. While emailing he was experiencing a pretty big earth quake. He says that they happen all the time, but this one made him a little anxious because it was so big, but all is well, and he is fine. I love that boy, he is always so very sweet to his mother :) He is growing so much and so fast. I can not believe he has been gone almost 9 months, its crazy how time really messes with me.

Hello Everybody!!!
Well where to start with this past week. One, I read Matt's last email and...wow...that is just crazy. Mom, you are probably going crazy with excitment! I dont even really know what to say about it. I thought a lot this week about my service as a missionary this week. It was a great time to do so figuring that conference was coming up on us this past weekend. I thought a lot about my service I have given as I am coming up quickly to a year on my mission. I can understand Matthew so well at this point. You do wonder about what you have been able to give and if the Lord accepts what you have to give.
Like Matt, this weekend at conference I recieved assurances through the spirit that this was God's work and that I truly am his servant. I have come to love this black nametag!!
You guys are probably going to have a crazy busy week with Matt coming home! Anyways, I will get on to more detail about my week. First of all, I am pretty sick. Not sure what it is or how I caught it but it seems like it just has to do with the combination of the changing weather and that I am tired and honestly, a little stressed. This week there was just a lot going on and I got less sleep that normal. We had a tsunami cleanup thing that I had to get up at 4 in the morning for, and then the next morning I had to get up and go straight to a Zone Leader Council, then we had to give a training the next morning, and then a huge Area/Zone Planning meeting that took 6 hours! Now, it may sound like I am whining (well, I am a little bit :)) but all of that led up to general conference. I absolutely loved so much! I could go on about how much I loved and learned, but based on the week I had I wanted to talk just a little about President Henry B Eyring's talk in Priesthood Session of conference and Elder Robert D Hales talk on Sunday morning. The combination of these two talks was enough to fill up my gasoline tank for another 6 months. President Eyring talked about how we have been prepared by our Heavenly Father to fullfill our priesthood assignments. He spoke of how the Lord will offer us opportunities to work and if we take them in stride then we grow. I have really felt that message in my heart recently. He said that The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood truly means to form a habit of working past the point when others would have taken a rest. Then comes the connection to Elder Hales talk. He spoke of principles like trusting in the Lord and patience and waiting. Through developing those traits we are fullfilling our Life's purpose. There have been times on my mission when I have wondered why I have been put in certain circumstances or why things happend to me this way, but Elder Hales said that we will find it hard sometimes to understand the will of the Lord; it is often given to us line of upon line. We must learn to wait on the Lord and maintain hope in his promises. The combination of these two talks taught me so much about how to live, how to serve a mission, and just more about my individual purpose in this life. Sometimes we may wonder about what the Lord is doing, but I have learned from experiences in my life that he ALWAYS knows. He is always giving us opportunities to take opposition and make it for our good. Life just requires hope. A hope in all things. Hope truly has become my favorite gopsel principle. It provideds an axis, and ancor for our lives. If we have hope in all things, truly everything, then our lives are on a foundation that cannot falter. As we all try to fullfill the many responisibilites that the Lord has placed before us, let us ALWAYS have hope in him. Trust in him. Have faith in his purposes for us. In so doing, we find the fullest measure of peace and joy that this mortal life has to offer. I know that The Book of Mormon is the true word of God. Like I have said before, it is either true or it isnt. If you care enough to really want to know, read it, you will find out that it is true. It teaches us about Jesus Christ. It gives us guidance, peace, and hope in our day. It is true. I know it is and I know that every single person can know for themselves. But, you have to try. I love you all so so much. I feel your prayers on weeks like last week, I will feel them this week as I have another week of 4 days of splits. Everybody have a wonderful week.
Have a wonderful dream week mom where Matty Patty comes home. :oD I love you Mom, tell Marissa that I love her like usual. :oD
Love always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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