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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Elder Zachary Page learns a new lesson...

As a parent it is sometimes enjoyable to watch your children learn a few new lessons in life, lessons that really are not new at all, they are just suddenly appreciated.

Hello Everyone!!!!
Another week into the mission that has just gone so fast!! It killed me to hear all about conference from all of you guys!!! I am so excited for it but we don't get to hear it until this coming weekened. Can I just say perfect timing! It always just feels like right when you start to run out of gas and you really really need a boost that General Conference comes around! I can tell you that the timing couldn't be more perfect. Way to go with cooking the meat in soap Mom!! I cant wait to start singing songs about you and $teve!! hahaha Well, we went through transfers this week and it has been pretty interesting. Ellis Choro and Lay Choro are gone and the feel is way different around here. My new Japanese companion, Elder Watanabe, is good. We are still in the feeling it out stage and getting to know eachother still and figuring out how to do things the best and work together. It is going to be a good time working with him.
With the start of the new transfer and the new month, we are busy as every getting planned for upcoming trainings, splits, and meetings. This week alone is pretty crazy! This week we have Zone Leader Council again(it comes and goes so fast!). Then the next day we have to give a training on the Book of Mormon. The mission has obviously helped me grow in tons of ways, but something I have come to learn in my heart recently is about one of the aspects of the love of a parent. I don't think I will ever fully appreciate the parents that you and Dad were to me mom. You both loved me and raised me better than anyone could ever have and I am growing to appreciate that more. As a Zone Leader, we are always working for our zone, for our missionaries. We do all that we can to help them see success and to show them our love and support and just to make their missions a joy. Parenting is kind of the same, you bust bottom for your kids so that they can see success and joy. Sometimes you just feel flat out tired and even sometimes you complain, but I have come to taste of the joy that comes through that kind of service. You develope and love of the people you serve. You want to serve them more and you want to see smiles on their faces and excitement in their voices. I have come to be able to see that joy in my mission recently. I am grateful for you and Dad bustn' bottom for all of us kids, and I have come to see how much you truly love all of us even more. You can't even describe it can you mom? :o) As I keep going through life, I hope to better understand why my you and Dad did so much for Me, Dallin, Matt, Abbs, and Tory. I think about it sometimes. The soccer games, the dinners, the campouts, the homework, the trips, the staying up late watching movies when I just know you want to get some sleep. I think I am coming to better understand that love and I can't thank you and Dad enough for it Mom. I love you so much Mama, and Dad, you guys truly are, along with every other butt bustn' parent, the biggest blessing in the world to your families. This coming time is going to be a big growing time for me I feel. I don't know if she told you or not Mom, but Marissa is not going to write me for 3 months. I am going to learn from my exprience with my companion. I am going to grow in patience and humilty from the experiences on the horizon for me and I worried about it a lot this week. I had a wonderful experience before Elder Ellis left. I asked him to give me a blessing and in the blessing he said, "Be Still." I have thought a lot about those words a lot. "Be Still my soul, the lord is on thy side. With Patience bear, thy cross of grief or pain." I know with all of my heart that my Savior Jesus Christ is with me. He is on my side. Whatever our cross may be, no matter when, with patience bear it and all will be well. I am truly grateful to Elder Ellis and him being inspired to tell me to Be Still. This gospel is true. God Lives. Jesus is the Christ. I am going to just have another busy week ahead and it will be P-Day again and time will just keep flying by me. Justein Wilson, Marissa's sister wrote me this week and she said, "You can't wear the black name tag forever." I am so grateful for her words to me in reminding me how truly special this opportunity to serve is. I love you all so much. Mom, I love you so much. I miss you. Have a wonderful week and everybody please put a smile on your face. Live is so much more sweet with a smile!!
I love you!!
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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