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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Elder Page is missing all the excitement at home...

Hello Everyone!!!
Wow, it is beyond crazy to me to picture you all with Matthew. To be totally honest it makes me feel a little left out of the family, but, it is ok because I am proud to be able to say that my homecoming will be the biggest!! First time the whole family will be together in a long long time when I get back. :o) I am fine though so don't worry. Glad things have been exciting and busy as usual.
Thanks for throwing in the Liverpool update Mama. :oD Pray for Ben, if he looked terrified at his farewell, the first part of the MTC is going to be pretty dang hard. He and Ryan will do just great though. It is crazy to even think that we are all going to be missionaries after just growing up together.
Crazy Abby will be in College when I get back! Our family Christmas gift exchange is growing!! We now have Jacs and McKenna to throw into the name pile (might as well throw Marissa in there too!). I got Elder Smethurst letter but I just have been trying to get letters out to people with not a lot of time. It is still sitting on my desk to reply to.
I got to do a split with Elder Lay this week and it was so nice! I miss him but luckily as the Zone Leader I have communication with him all the time. Elder Ellis wrote Kirby because I made him. hahaha you never know!! Other than that, this week was a little stressful to be honest. My face has even broken out with Acne after way clearing up the last few months. The work has hit a stall here in the past three weeks. As a leader it puts pressure on you when your numbers tank. I am learning about communication and talking through things that is for sure. I am trying to do what you said though and just love the guy to death!! It is tiring but as I am loving him to death, it keeps things together alright. More than anything, like usual I am just tired, and this week we have two splits again and so it won't slow down, but I have obtained a firm testimony that the Lord will sustain us if we rely on him. I have a little less time than usual today so I have to go, but know that I love you all so much. Don't worry about me, enjoy your time with Matthew, just do me a favor and remember me in your prayers.
Because of my Savior, there is never any reason to worry. Doubt and fear are eternally opposed to faith!! I have faith in My Savior and this work and in all of you. The hope of the gospel can bring you through anything. That is something that I can promise. A favor mom, you may have already done it, but, the music from conference would be really nice. I love you all, have a wonderful week!!! I would love to hear from Matt a little more personally about how he is doing!!! hint hint!
Love Always,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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