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Friday, February 18, 2011

Still waiting on pictures :)

This week absolutely flew by!! I don't really have anything to dramatic to report either. It was a truly wonderful week though. I am definitely in the groove of things here and I rarely got down at all the whole week. The week was steady and unshaken in the fact that, unlike last week which was scattered with the highest highs and lowest lows, I was just in cruise control above the clouds this week! :D I will tell you that I have really got into a rhythm about my studies, I stay focused and work hard pretty much the whole day straight through and I am recieving blessings for that. When you dive in and just focus and work it really does just make things go so fast, even the days blur together. I can hardly tell what day it is here! The Japanese is coming along, it is still really hard but with the help of the spirit every day things are beginning to stick instead of just bouncing off of all of us. for example: Watashi wa Kamisama ga kazoku wo aishitte imasu. I know that God Loves Families. i am learning to love it even though it is definitely discouraging sometimes. I am powering throught Jesus The Christ, it is pretty amazing and even though it is really deep, I am learning so much about the life and plan of our Savior Jesus Christ. I know without a doubt that he came down with a purpose to fullfill. I know that he came on the errand of his father, our Father in Heaven. I know that he grew up and came into the role as Savior and Redeemer step by step, grace by grace. He did in actuality take upon all of our sins and pains and that if we strive to understand that relationship with him, he can strengthen us even in our darkest times. The Son of Man hath descended below all that he might raise every last one of us, no matter what our struggle. I promise that he is always there to wrap his arms around us and to carry us when our feet give out. There is matchless strength in the Spirit of God. The Comforter is the key to guidance and the key to happiness, if we keep it with us we will have joy even amongst the thorns of life. I challenge you all to be consistent in the nourishing of your souls. Constistency and constantcy are satans worst enemies. When we have those things in our spiritual feasting, with constant prayer, the power of the adversary cannot dampen our spirits. I promise that as you all find consistency in your prayers, studies of the gospel, and in your hope for the future, you will find more joy in every day and you will find opportunities to help those around us to feel that same joy. I love you and i miss you all. You are thought of often and are a great source of strength to me. Never underestimate what you give to me as a full time servant of the Lord. Satan wants you to think that your prayers don't make a difference, and that your thoughts don't strengthen us, but I testify that they do. "Press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a Perfect Brightness of hope and a love of God and of All men..." Until next week,

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