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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MTC continues...

Dear Family,
Mom, that is super awesome, I remember meeting Elder Thompson the day before he left! He was just sitting next to me and I randomly asked where he was going and he said Charlotte and I flipped!! I told him he would meet and love you guys!
Good luck in your new calling mom, I just know you will do great, you taught five kids through that age and did the best job ever so I know you willl have no trouble!
Yesterday Stunk!! Presidents Day!! What a crappy holiday to cancel mail for!!! It was a very dark day in the MTC and now everything is pushed back!! It is killing me because I didn't get my letter from Marissa Yesterday like I ususally do! Just so you know, Elder Bennion is an Elder in my district, and one of my roommates. He is one of the four of us going to Sendai. I honestly don't care what type of cookie or whatever you send mom, its you and they are all the greatest!! And just so everybody knows, i weighed myself for the first time here in the MTC and.............drum roll.............I have gained no weight!!!! I was pretty proud of myself because I definitely work hard during gym time to keep the cafeteria food here from blowing me up. I just am not sure how much Marissa would love me if I looked like an Oompa Loompa!!! :)
Tell Dad thanks so much for his letter and the talk he sent me, they helped a ton and just so you guys know, I am mailing a letter for you and Dad today, should get it later this week. :)
Pictures...a couple weeks ago I got my memory card out of the MTC to Jordan and to Marissa, I was hoping they would put some on FBook so you guys could all see, but I don't know if they did that, so if they haven't just ask them to so you can see some pictures.
Mom, thanks so much for the coloring book, I used it today on my PDay and colored a picture for Marissa, but those crayons were pretty cheap, i am feeling like you made a dollar store run on those mamma! :) Tell Stephanie that I got Hillary and Cole's Valentines Cards and that I love them! I had another pretty great week. It definitely had its moments but nothing too bad, I really am being blessed so much every day through you all and my Savior, I can feel his love and guidance constantly and I know that if I stay obedient and faithful that I will continue to be blessed. The Next week we move to Full Japanese which is kind of daunting to say the least. In the TRC there is no more teaching in English, just Nihongo!! The language is really coming along though, When you have the spirit with you while you are taking it all in, it helps so much with retaining it all. I am studying really hard and trying to speak as much Japanese as possible all day. I will send you guys a letter written in japanase one of these days. For this week, my challenge to all of you reading this is to watch a Mormon message on LDS.org. Just look back to february 2009 and it is called "Lifting Burdens." I want you all to watch it and to study and ponder what the Atonement of Jesus Christ means SPECIFICALLY to you. Not in general at all, but I want each of you to think in your minds and in your hearts of how the Savior lifts you up and succors YOU every single day. When you discover those ways, get on your knees and pray a prayer of gratitude to your Savior for those things. I promise you all that The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of Transformation. It isn't about just becoming better people, it is about using Jesus Christ Atonement to change our NATURES. When we discover that we can all take larger strides forward into becoming who the Savior knows we have the capability to be. I challenge you all to remember to "Never give up what you want most for what you want in the moment." The Savior views our lives not by days, but in an eternal view, let us all strive to do the same every day. The last thing I will leave you with today is this, in the song Army of Heleman it says: "Let each who's worthy go forth and share!" We are all worthy to go forth and share this message every single day of our lives. Share it with the way you act, the way you speak, and the way you build up your countenace.
I love you all and I know we can all be great missionaries if we strive to realize who everyone around us is, they are our brothers and sisters, show our love to them and share this wonderful life of happiness that we have!! Until next week, I love you all so much!!!!
Sincerely Yours,
Elder Zachary Taylor Page

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