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Monday, February 21, 2011

Serving at the U of A

Elder Page is finding that serving on the campus is very different from serving in a spanish branch. Teaching people his own age is very different and just being on campus, he feels like he should be heading to class. He is loving the work though, there is where the Lord needs him right now. This little tidbit is from me not Matthew, he only has 7 months left, can you believe it! And by then that means that Zachary will have been out for 9 mths...crazy. Having more than one out really does make the time go by even faster. He did mention that being on campus does make him look forward to going to school again and learning. I always told them that there would come a time that they would miss being in school, funny when your words come to pass. Keep those cards and letters coming they really do uplift and encourage him. Thanks to all of those that have! Steve was just out in AZ last week. He found his mind wondering to Matthew. He has never invited me to come with him on one of his trips to AZ. I guess he knows that I would be heading south in a car while he is in a meeting :) I would just watch from afar :) Don't worry I would never do that!

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