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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Find My Sheep...

Hello Hello,
Its been a great week. Elder Poirier and I have done our best to stay busy and to spend time where we are most needed. Its been a week of finding new people to teach. That's been a focus for us recently, I always like leaving areas better than I found them, and when I got to this area it was already doing really well, so for me it was a tall order, but I have tried to do my best and Elder Poirier and I have worked really well together. I want to be able to leave this area and know that Elder Poirier and his new companion will have plenty to do and many people to teach and help.
The Lord blessed us with a family this week. We made a goal to find a family and its funny how it happened. We decided one afternoon to go by a girl that we had talked to on the street my very first day in this area, but since then we could never catch her at home. But we went by, and turns out she happened to be home, as well as her aunt who shes living with and her uncle was there too. They welcomed us right in and we sat down. Fernanda the girl we initially spoke with and taught speaks English and Spanish but her aunt and uncle speak hardly any English. So at first it was tricky. But with faith we said a prayer and just began teaching them. Fernanda was translating for us, which was nice. It was just one of the coolest experiences I've had teaching on my mission because as we spoke Fernanda was able to really process what was being said and teach it back to her aunt and uncle. Elder Poirier and I were even pullin' Spanish out of who knows where. It had to have been the gift of tongues. I was remembering vocab that I learned in high school from almost 5 years ago. After the lesson which was simple and powerful because of the spirit, we had Fernanda say a prayer half Spanish and half English. In her prayer she truly spoke with her Heavenly Father. She thanked him for the spirit that she felt and said that it was very nice to have that in their home. We left filled with the spirit. It was a lesson and experience I will never forget. I've already forgotten what was said, but the feeling will always remain.
I Love the spirit! I have recently gained a stronger testimony of the spirit and his role in the Lords work. And just in our everyday lives as well. The spirit and that companionship is everything. I am grateful for it, I would not be able to do what is needed to be done here without it. This mission isn't slowing down, the work goes on, and I am happy to be alive. I Love You All. I Love the support and the emails and packages and prayers from everyone. Its been Real.

(Service day)

Until Next week. More sweet stories to come!

(With President & Sister Tew, the last week in the mission)

Love, Elder Page

(Putsin, it is a Canadian dish, so Will will probably eat this alot)

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