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Monday, July 4, 2016

Times of transition...

Hello Hello,
I want to go ahead and say Happy 4th of July!!!! We are having an awesome P-Day. The ward had a pancake breakfast here at the church this morning and so that was a scrumptious way to kick off the holiday. Email has been good, and today we have plans to do some fun things, so I cant complain. This past week was a really good one. I have really felt that I am preparing myself, or at least trying to prepare myself to continue doing the things I have done on a mission even after I go home. There are a lot of things I have done and learned to do on this mission that honestly I will probably only have the chance to do while I'm a missionary, but this week I have really felt that we took part in things that I will have the opportunity to do the rest of my life and things that bring me a lot of joy. We have done things like, help members of the ward move, we have offered more service, planned and unplanned for the place we have been going for the past month or so, we have had the chance to give needed blessing to people, and ultimately help those we've been around feel the spirit and feel the Love we have for them and that god has for them.

These things are things that I know my entire life will help me fulfill my calling as a priesthood holder, bring me closer to the lord, and help me build lasting relationships with people. I am grateful and happy to have learned how important and meaningful some of these things can really be, while I've served here in Long Beach. I Love being a missionary and doing the things only missionaries can get away with doing, but the things I will be able to take home with me will be the things that I will continue to do for others and for the Lord.

That's about it for this week, I Love You All. And I cant wait to give more detailed stories of the mission when I return home. Until next week, Godspeed!!!

Love, Elder Page

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