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Monday, June 13, 2016

Let the Holy Spirit Guide...

Wow, the first week of my final transfers already down. I'd like to compare the last few weeks of a mission to rolling down a hill in a shopping cart with no way to stop or slow down. You know that your journey will end soon and you will be able to free yourself from the cart, but the means by which you will exit the cart will inevitable be hard and most likely painful. I am actually beginning to now face reality. It's the hardest thing to believe that two years have passed. Going back to my grocery cart analogy. Although the end may be hard to face the ride until that point is none the less sweet! The Lord has continued to bless me, he has continued to stay by my side, he has continued to answer the prayers of members, investigators, and my own. The more I think about the principle of enduring to the end, the more it occurs to me that the Savior truly is the perfect example of one who endures to the end. Not only will he continue strengthening us, and comforting us and blessing us, he Cannot Stop. It isn't his Character to stop. He will always endure our trials with us, He will always be there to Love us and to Heal. I just have a strong belief in this, because my mission although nearing its end has continued to be as Sweet to me as it always has been, because of the Blessings which are being given and received. Elder Poirier has continued to teach me french and I love it! We have continued to get to know each other and rely on one another for help and for advice and strength. I know that we are meant to be companions at this point and time in each of our missions.

One last thing, before I have to go. I have so much I want to share and talk about, but I'll just share this story because it means a lot to me. This week we began giving service for a non profit organization that helps provides for the homeless. We sort clothes, shoes, clean the facilities, and help with meals for the people. Its been a very humbling thing. So the other day as we were doing service there, there was a homeless man who didn't speak much English who was waiting outside to go in for the dinner they were preparing. He looked at me and I didn't know what he was saying but by his motions I knew he was thirsty and need water. So, I went inside, got him a cup of cold ice water and he smiled as he drank it. Just a matter of seconds later he looked at me and without saying anything I knew he wanted more because his cup was empty, So for the second time I took his cup and refilled it and brought it back to him. He was just as grateful the second time as he was the first time. To make a long story short, this happened about 4 more times where he would want more water, I was amazed not only at his ability to down 6 cups of water in a 5 minute period but I also surprised myself. Each time he would want more water I would Gladly take the cup and go refill it for him. I wasn't impatient at all in doing this, I didn't feel nagged or annoyed. I think because I saw that it was something he truly needed, but couldn't do it for himself, I was more than happy to help him. And as soon as I saw this in myself I then had a strong revelatory experience that Heavenly father is like this with each and every one of us. He has the power and the ability to provide the spiritual water for all of us! And he doesn't only do it as we ask, but he already knows before we ask what it is we need. He loves us, he is happy to help us and to provide for us. I just felt blessed that the Lord would allow me to have a small spiritual experience to help me better understand the Lords Love for me.

I Love what the mission has taught me. I Love The Lord. I Love My Companion and I Love You Guys, All of You Reading this. Until Next week, Patiently Wait.

Love, Elder Page

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