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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Big Week...

So this week has definitely been one to remember. I made a list of things I wanted to mention in today's email because there was so much that's happened and I didn't want to leave out any details.

So for starters, We went again to the LA Visitors Center, this time with our investigator Elaine and her daughter Frances. They now know me at the visitors center on a last name basis. It was quite an experience. Elaine is normally pretty closed off when it comes to showing emotion and its hard sometimes to really know what shes thinking or how shes feeling, but the visitors center broke her down and softened her up like a soggy piece of bread! It was Awesome. She cried multiple times, she said over and over again how much peace she felt there and she expressed how much she loved and cared about us and what we'd done for her. It was a surprise to us to see how much she really did care about us and our visits. The spirit was strong and Elaine felt something, so therefore our mission in going there was accomplished!

Jessica our recent convert is also doing great still. Earlier this week we set up a meeting with the family history sisters here in the mission and help Jessica get started on her family history and temple work. She is so excited to go to the temple and do baptisms for her family ancestors. We got to do some sweet service at this place called Centro Salom. Basically what it is is a non profit organization that helps homeless people find work and provides food and clothes, and other things like that. Its pretty humbling going into a place like that and offering service. One thing I know for a fact the mission has done for me is help me get on peoples levels, whether it be physically spiritually or mentally, I really feel like I can talk with and love and get to know anyone. Its the savior and his example that helps all of us as missionaries become better and more like the people the Lord Needs us to be.

We had something really cool happen to us this week. We were walking down the street and we came across a woman who was clearly in distress and so we asked how she was doing, she said "Okay..." and then I said, "Just Okay?" She then began to explain why she wasn't having the best day. We sat down next to her and began reading scriptures from the Book of Mormon that we felt like would help. As we read the spirit just took over. We didn't have to say more that what the scriptures were already saying. She cried, she smiled, she laughed. It was amazing to see this change that took place in her just over a few minutes. Her name is Aeisha, she expressed thanks and we set up another time to be able to go back and see her. I Love being a mouthpiece for the Lord, and being able to do what he would do if he were her walking these streets. I Love these people, even the crazy ones. Long Beach wouldn't be the same without them. We have just seen miracle after miracle and as soon as I think it cant get any better, it does. It just keeps getting better. I Love You Guys! I love your support, and your care. Thank You.

Love, Elder Page

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